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Purple (#9A0367)
Magical Orb
Summon Blades, Shield Protection
Formal State
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Zinx is a fusion Rock Hard Gladiator, created by Zinx3rd. He joined the RHG roughly around the time Fluidanims and Stickpage merged. 

Zinx is an entity formed by Raxes and Zade, though they are their own RHG, they prefer to work together when it comes to fighting. Once the two fuse, they become Zinx's a purple stick figure with a blue eye on the right, and a red eye on the left of face. Raxes controls the purple Zinx's body while Zade assist by being a blue orb following, and becoming Zinx's reliable weapon. The Orb can turn into a shield, to protect Zinx from any projectiles, the orb can also turn into blades for both arms for close combat for Zinx. However Zinx won't stay in form for a long period of time, Raxes and Zade will have to break up. Yet this does not effect any of their fighting style as both still work together. 


  • Can form his glowing blue ball into any weapon
  • He can grow two glowing blades on his forearm
  • He has a point where he changes from Demi-God to a pure God: At this state he has an automatic invisible shield that blocks all projectiles and he only uses his godly fist to fight (His punches are more deadlier than a touch from death), so don't let him punch you while he is in this state.
  • Zinx can be divided into two people- Raxes and Zade

All-god form

Zinx is usually in the form of a demigod. Through some ways, Zinx can force himself into the form of a full god, but this will also cause a lot of damage to Zinx.

When Zinx changes from a demigod to a pure god, he will have an invisible shield that will automatically help him block all projectiles (invalid remotely). In this form, he will only use his sacred fist to fight-his boxing is more deadly than the touch of death, so he should try to avoid being hit when he is in this state.

However, it is very difficult to enter this form.

Raxes & Zade

Raxes and Zade are a kind of human beings called “Lifereals”, who can change their forms into weapons. Among them, Zade is Raxes' elder brother. He can be turned into a long sword, while Raxes can be turned into a double sword.

Zade is an indifferent killer, while Raxes is a master of swordsmanship.


  • Brothers dependable.
  • If Raxes and Zade are not together, then they cannot become Zinx.
  • All-god form - As mentioned above, entering the all-god form will hurt Zinx, and the duration of this form is not long.On the other hand, in this form, “lack of long-range attack” will also become his weakness.


Evil God Zinx

In the clouds of legend where gods resign lives these 7 gods of great power. But there was one god who was tainted of hate and hunger for more power, slaying the innocent that lived in the clouds along with the 7 great lords. His name was Zinx, terrorizing the city of legend for his own gain becoming a little more stronger than the other 6 gods who were trying their best to stop him. They manage to contain his power and debated on what they should do with him, knowing that they could not kill him because it would destroy the balance of their world. So the next in power of the 7 gods (Zexel) decided that they would break Zinx's soul into two spirits and send them down to Earth at two different times just in case. Two of the gods were to follow where the spirits went and make sure that they would grow to be more good than evil. So these two gods (Aiden & Ridell) built a temple by a village that was known for praising the 7 gods, along with the two spirits that now lived there. Aiden and Ridell decided that as an alias to who they truly were would be called "The Gods". One day in the village, "The Gods" went to the village leader and told him of a Chosen Child that would be born and when that day came, peace would spread across their world.

Lifereals brothers (Story of Raxes and Zade)

In the village of Vrede, there lived nothing but these Lifereals (human beings that were able to change form of a weapon) who believed in the 7 Gods of Legend. Everytime a child was born in this village they would take it up to the temple and place it in front of the stone wall that basically said "put baby here and we will let you know if its the Chosen Child or not". One day there was a baby born named Zade and he was took to the temple to see if he was the Chosen One, instead of being denied that he was Chosen, the parents was told that Zade would be the one who would have to protect the Chosen at all times with his life. A few more years went by and the Lifereals were losing belief of the Chosen Child and began to stop going to the temple. One night in the village Zade's parents had another child and named him Raxes. Now Zade still kept his beliefs knowing that he was to protect the Chosen One so he took his little brother up to the temple one night and place him in front of the stone opened.. and Zade took Raxes inside the bright white room. "The Gods" told Zade that he was to leave his little brother at the temple so that they could teach him to be wise and become stronger. Zade was confused and became angry seeing how he was told to protect him but at the same time had to leave his little brother behind to these "Gods", so he left the village to do his own thing and abide by his own rules. Many years went by this time and Raxes had grown into a wise and noble young swordsman, and he was now able to go back into the world to ensure peace was enabled. But when he went back to his village to tell his brother Zade the good news the village was destroyed and all the Lifereals were dead. Raxes couldn't find his brother though so he left the village in pursuit of him. They met back up, Raxes told Zade what happened, and ever since then they have been looking for the killer(s) who destroyed their family as well as ensuring that peace was brought to their land.

Zade took Raxes to a bright white room. “The Gods" told him: "They want to keep his younger brother in the temple so that they can teach him and make him smart and strong. “Zade was confused and angry that he was told to protect him, but at the same time had to leave his younger brother with these ”gods". He left the village, did his own thing, and wandered to the end of the world.

Many years have passed, Raxes has grown into a knowledgeable and noble young swordsman, and he can now return to his original world to ensure that peace can truly come. But when he returned to his village to tell his brother Zade the good news, he found that the village had been destroyed and all Lifereals had died. However, Raxes did not find his brother, so he left the village to look for him.

He finally found his brother Zade, who had been in the field, and told him about it.

Since then, they have been looking for the murderer of their family, while also ensuring peace in their hometown.

New Story of Zinx

Raxes and Zade found out that they could fuse into an even greater power and so they did becoming the once known evil god, Zinx! But since Raxes is pure heart good and Zade is filled with hatred and despair, it is tough for Zinx to become a whole God again; therefore, only making him a demi-god.


Speedbattle vs Plasmas - WIN

RHG vs Monk - WIN

VS FoxnQ - LOSS (Rock Hard Coliseum)