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Created by Hyun, then implemented and animated by Stone (Travis Steven) into this game, Yoyo is a playable character in the game Combat Tournament Legends. As it is said in his name, Yoyo has a modified custom-made Yo-Yo that stores lots of explosive energy in its micro generator.


He is a new midnight blue colored stickman, holding his Yo-Yo that has a cyan-colored exterior and black interior at all times.


Martial Arts:

He uses his hands and feet to mainly hit his opponents to keep them a distance away from him or to extend his combos.


He uses his Yo-Yo to land powerful explosive attacks or to use ranged attacks to extend his reach. He also uses it in close combat to deal multiple hits on his opponents.

Energy Manipulation:

The micro generator inside his powerful Yo-Yo can store massive amounts of energy as it spins at mach speeds, which can cause massive shock and damage to victims that get hit with it.

Similar Characters

  • Rice (Yoyo): He looks exactly like Yoyo, but he is colored medium-dark purple, and his Yo-Yo has a blue-magenta exterior and a dark red interior.


There is only one type of bot for Yoyo, who is a Follow Bot.

Follow Bot

This bot acts like other Follow bots in the game, but they don't stay in one spot on the map and can also do special attacks. Unlike the other characters with Follow A.I., this bot doesn't specifically follow a fighter on the map.

Moves (Links: Animations)

  • Attack 1: Whiffs his Yo-Yo forward slightly; 3 hits; Not used by A.I.
  • Attack 2: An automatic attack followed up by Attack 4 and Attack 6; Rapidly moves the Yo-Yo forth and back from his hand, hitting opponents repeatedly, then reaches further forward with his Yo-Yo for the last few hits; 15 hits. (Frame Name: Attack13/AKA02)
  • Attack 3: Start to the up combo; Yanks his Yo-Yo upwards, launching opponents into the air; 2 hitboxes; The Bot follows up with Attack 8. (Frame Name: Attack14/AKA01. This attack has 6 animation frames that can't be seen in-game.)
  • Attack 4: Aerial attack; Follow up to Attack 7; Leans back slightly then slams the energy-packed Yo-Yo onto the ground in front of him, causing a mini sonic explosion from the Yo-Yo; 2 hitboxes. (Frame Name: Attack8/AKA03. This attack has 4 animation frames that can't be seen in-game.)
  • Attack 5: Follow up to Attack 1; A forward punch that moves him forward slightly; 2 hits; Not for the Bot. (Frame Name Attack2. This attack has 3 animation frames that can't be seen in-game.)
  • Attack 6: Follow up to Attack 4; An attack using both of his hands in a shoving motion to hit opponents away; Not used by the Bot. (Frame Name: Attack15. This attack was considered to be followed up by Attack 5, as the first animation frame for the move syncs up with the hitbox parts of Attack 5.)
  • Attack 7: Follow up to Attack 5; An upward kick used to lift opponents into the air; Not used by the A.I. (Frame Name: Attack3. This attack was considered to be followed up by Attack 6, as the first animation frame for the move syncs up with the hitbox part of Attack 6.)
  • Attack 8: Aerial attack; Performs two strong kicks, one that hits slightly above him, and the other more in front; 2 hitboxes. (Frame Name: Attack12. Since this is an aerial attack, it was considered to be followed up by Attack 7, as the first animation frame for the move syncs well with Attack 7, and Attack 7 hits opponents into the air.)
  • Attack 9: Down attack; Beginning to crouch, pulls out his Yo-Yo as he spins in two wide circles, eventually spinning on one leg to then jump up while whipping his Yo-Yo upwards at the end, smacking opponents into the air; 6 hitboxes. (Frame Name: Attack18/AKA04.)
  • Attack 10: ⬇ attack of Attack 11 and follow up to Attack 4; Pulls out his Yo-Yo to spin around his Yo-Yo-holding hand as he faces backwards, hitting opponents repeatedly; 6 hits. (This attack is split into two parts: FlashCombo and QuickFlash (The first part is the function to execute the move, and the second part is used for Attack 11 when holding ⬇ when it ends.).)
  • Attack 11: A move unlike any other in the game; Throws his Yo-Yo super far forward, grabbing opponents with the Yo-Yo as it moves forward, then after the opponent grabbed is close to him, can do an attack in the directions of ⬅, ⬆, ➡, or ⬇; 4 hitboxes. (Frame Name: Attack7)
  • Attack 12: ⬆ attack of Attack 11; Yanks his Yo-Yo from the ground up and over himself, along with a kick, smacking opponents high into the air; The Bot follows up with Attack 19. (Frame Name: GrabMove001)
  • Attack 13: Backward attack of Attack 11; Swings his Yo-Yo to make it go behind him, then kicks in front of him, also making the Yo-Yo go in front of him, then whips the Yo-Yo back around to impact the ground; 4 hitboxes. (Frame Name: jkltnaejntjaen2. This attack has 12 animation frames that can't be seen in-game.)
  • Attack 14: Forward attack of Attack 11; Wildly, but efficiently, whips the Yo-Yo all around him, then goes to crouch slightly as he turns 360°, making the Yo-Yo swiftly come in to hit in front of him for the launching hit; 8 hits. (Frame Name: jkltnaejntjaen. This attack has 2 animation frames that can't be seen in-game.)
  • Attack 15: Follow up to Attack 3 and Attack 18; Goes up to the opponent and gets a hold of them, then grabs and clenches their neck, strongly throwing them away afterwards; 4 hitboxes; Not used by the Bot. (This attack is split into two parts: Attack16 and a04 (The first part is the function to execute the move, and the second part is the function to turn left or right during the move.).)
  • Attack 16: Follow up to Attack 15; Similar to Attack 15, but it hits the other way, and is instead a type of kick; Not used for the Bot. (Frame Name: a01)
  • Attack 17: Follow up to Attack 16; Goes up to the opponent and grabs them to then forcefully throw them towards the ground; 2 hits; Not used for the A.I. (Frame Name: a02)
  • Attack 18: Follow up to Attack 12, Attack 10 and Attack 3; In the air, spins his Yo-Yo in a circle repeatedly around his hand, spinning slower throughout the move hitting opponents repeatedly, slowly bringing the opponent more and more into the air with each hit; 11 hits; Not used by the Bot. (Frame Name: a03/AKA05. This attack has 4 animation frames that can't be seen in-game.)
  • Attack 19: Follow up to Attack 18 and Attack 12; Uses the same hitboxes as Attack 18, but he now gets out two Yo-Yos to hit his opponents repeatedly into the air, all while turning his body to end it off with kicking forward with his feet; 8 hits. (Frame Name: a05. This attack has 1 animation frame that can't be seen in-game.)
  • Attack 20: Follow up to Attack 15; Uses the last few animation frames from Attack 19, but the Yo-Yos are not present and the move doesn't follow with the opponent after the kick; A.I. never use this move. (Frame Name: ALALAcaca)


  • Yoyo is unlocked after winning 1V1 Tri-Head.
  • Yoyo's speed is the 3rd fastest in the game, which is also tied with Crazy Jay.
  • Yoyo is infamous for often being considered the most broken character in the game. This is due to his Up attack follow-ups being able to be spammed, and these moves do a lot of damage.
  • Yoyo has no voice clips of his own, using voice clips from Mr. Slaptastic as placeholders for some of his animations.
  • Yoyo's color in this game is different from the creator's Yoyo. Yoyo's color in this game is #000099, whereas in appearances in animations, his color is #000033.
  • Yoyo's special attack mostly uses frames from some of his normal attacks.
  • If you grab somebody with Attack 11, if Attack 14's last hit and Attack 12's initial hit doesn't hit anybody, following up with another automatic attack will cause Yoyo to start flying backwards at speed.
  • When Yoyo dodges, in all frames, he is intangible, whereas for other characters (Excluding Mr. Slaptastic and Crazy Jay), they are only intangible for a few frames at the start.
  • If you look at Attack 16, his hands and arms are seen in a position to throw somebody, which could mean that the attack was originally meant to grab opponents and throw them instead of hit them.
  • In one of the animation frames of Attack 15, the shapes of Yoyo's head and body for that frame are not present.
  • In version 2.1 of the game, Rice (Yoyo) was originally going to take Tanpon's place in Elimination +2, but this was changed.
  • If you enter Death Players, Death Players 2, or Final Fight as Yoyo, if you get a kill at any point in battle, the kill splash text and voice clip associated with it will appear and play, going to the next text and voice clip after, which happens repeatedly every in-game frame. Eventually, the text will get stuck at MONSTER KILL, and the voice clip "M-M-M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILL, Kill, kill, kill!" will play every frame, causing the voice clip volume to overlay and amplify itself repeatedly. This goes on until the match ends.
    • If you happen to die during this, it will stop, but seemingly randomly, at some point during the match, it will start to occur again.

*The Yoyo being grabbed represents where a victim would be placed during the attack if they are grabbed.

Unused Yoyo Attack 2.gif
  • He has 2 unused attacks. One of them is a different version of Attack 12. From the looks of it, a victim that gets grabbed by the Yo-Yo would've been flung into the air instead of smacked into the air. The other attack bears resemblance to Attack 13, though the animation is completely different. Facing backwards, he spins the Yo-Yo wildly around him, all while moving backwards slightly, then stops to pivot the Yo-Yo behind him, then whips the Yo-Yo back around to impact the ground. Possibly, there was a decision between both of these attacks and which one to use. Would they choose the grabbing version or the smacking version for Attack 12? Would they choose the attack that uses his Yoyo to hit behind him or a kick to hit in front of him for Attack 13? In the end, they chose the latter of both. Because of this, hitboxes and frame labels are not present with both of these attacks.
  • Through use of modifying things or the scripts in Sprite 4643, it can be noted that the first unused attack does function, but only when an opponent is grabbed by Attack 7 first. When they are pulled back to him, they fall on the ground on their back, then get flung into the air. When the opponent is released, they will play their Hurt2 voice clip. No damage is dealt when the opponent is released, though. The placement when an opponent is being flung is also incorrect, with the position being behind and slightly below where Yoyo is at.
  • Yoyo's ai moveset works differently compared to characters like Home-Run-Bat, Mr. Slaptastic, and Double Range. Instead of playing certain attacks in his main attack script, he only plays Attack1. In his animation script, it forces Yoyo to play certain moves whenever he tries to uses Attack1.