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Yoyo is an original Rock Hard Gladiator created by Hyun and he is a brother of One. He was a competitor for the RHG tournament back in the Fluidanims Era. He was a co-leader in SOLDIER.


Too poor to buy a real weapon, this teenage stick modified the average yo-yo to be an explosive and lethal tool for his opponents. The micro generator inside his yo-yo stores massive amounts of energy as it spins at mach speeds, unleashing a devastating shock of power on the next hit.


A very fast and powerful sonic yo-yo that can be charged up with explosive power. Very good in close combat as well as ranged attacks. Combo master.


Attacks are weak when the yo-yo is not charged. Takes some time to charge the yo-yo for powerful attacks. Without his yo-yo he's screwed.


Yoyo Stance.gif