Yoyo is an original Rock Hard Gladiator created by Hyun. He was a compeditor for the RHG tournament back in the Fluidanims Era. He was a co-leader in SOLDIER. YoYo has no supernatural abilities but he wields a Sonic Yo-Yo with precision and skill. He is also a fast runner and his weapon can bash enemies or even kill them with enough force, it can be charged up with explosive power. he is very good at close combat as well as ranged attacks. But it Takes some time to charge the yo-yo for powerful attacks and without his yo-yo, he's screwed. Yoyo was too poor to buy a real weapon, so he modified an average yo-yo to be an explosive and lethal tool for his opponents. The micro generator inside his yo-yo stores massive amounts of energy as it spins at mach speeds, unleashing a devastating shock of power on the next hit.