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Wrench is a red RHG created by ehlboy.


  • Giant Wrench - is a dangerous, heavy weapon. In addition, Wrench can send explosive laser balls using it.
  • Huge physical strength - much stronger than an ordinary person.


Wrench is a normal human and if you separate him from his weapon and he is likely to lose.


As he does his best to keep his identity secret. Wrench has no close friends or family making it rare for him to talk, much less about his mysterious past and weapon...

Wrench's Despair

After his epic fight against Jomm, Wrench's father did everything possible to revive his son, going so far as to install a kind of microchip in his brain to control him from his computer center. In turn, Wrench's father also creates a robotic replica of Alpha in order to test his son's power, until suddenly a person (who I deduce that is his mother) enters Wrench's father's laboratory to demand that he arrest his son, although he adamantly refuses.