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Umbrella is a new generation original Rock Hard Gladiator, created by Resh from Stickpage. He used to work for a military division, and similar to the French, he is also a hitman, Agent 26, code name: Umbrella. Before he was recruited by the Umbrella Division, in his youth he had been kidnapped by members of the division, with his whole family being killed right in front of him. Soon, he had his memory wiped by the CEO of the Umbrella division known as 'Red ' and thus, Umbrella would serve Red and the division for what could be years. Umbrella uses a high powered umbrella as his weapon, similar to how YoYo used a yo-yo as his weapon. Umbrella's weapon is good for a long-range, short-range and defensive attack, it can also be disguised as a household object ( an umbrella), which gives him the ability of stealth. Umbrella himself is pretty weak, (not the strongest cookie), though he has survived a blast from his own umbrella when to a point of almost dying. Umbrella is ambidextrous. Relies heavily on his ability to wield his weapon and is nothing without it.  The head of his former-division is Commander Red, the commander assigns him targets, these targets are all past members of FA, and it is his duty to eliminate them(the hunter). Umbrella has recently joined NEMESIS as an official member, declaring war on the Umbrella division.


Like all agents, he doesn't talk much. He used to be dying from radiation from his umbrella. After he was equipped with the backpack attachment with its triple hydrogen cores, he was almost killed, but NEMESIS gave him the cure for it in exchange for his help.


Umbrellas weapons include his Sonic Umbrella X768, which serves as a sonic blaster, shield, and a sword of sorts. After Umbrellas battle with Franky, Red and the umbrella division upgraded his umbrella[s] so they also had the ability to fire the end of the umbrella at high speed with a cable attaching it to the base. Umbrella is shown using this as a grappling hook to swing around with and also to skewer enemies. His umbrella was also given a screen to display critical info, such as the location of enemies and their stats. After the battle with Franky, Umbrella was equipped with a backpack attachment that contained three hydrogen cores, which sped up Umbrellas radioactive poisoning but also gave him the ability to fly, as well as a bunch of smaller blade like pieces that he can control and use to stab people. Umbrella was shown using two umbrellas with his new backpack attachment in a SIM training facility, but that increased his radiation decay by a significant margin, plus it took away his stealth factor, since nobody uses two umbrellas.




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His first character was Resh.


Power: A sword that can change into a gun at will

Weaknesses: bad hand to hand combat skills, useless without weapon.

About: Saves people and stuff, no background known.