Journey into the world of Thief where the nobility live in castles and real men earn a living by cutting purses.

You will join Garrett as he attempts to infiltrate a Lord's gem storeroom using only his wits and a quiver full of special arrows!

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At the start Garrett is seen in his appartment when the land lord slips under his door a rents due notice. He collects up all his arrows and heads out he heads to a bar and looks at an advertisment for gems on display at the daynor manor. garrett brakes in and knocks out a guard then heheads for a room to hide as the lord comes. the lord enters the roon in with a pouch. Garrett steals the pouch ands heads to the main entrance only to find a few guards and one drunken. he take out his map and heads to the roof he unscrews the bolt and with a rope genly lowers himself downand just whens hes done getting the last of the gems he is spoted by the janator he fire a few arrows and heads to the room were the lord is and shows him the pouch as he lowers him self down. He is then sceen runing away from the castle.