The Red Stickman is a red stickman without any facial features that hates the color blue. He appears in Shock More and Shock in Shock he is known as a different identidy, Mr. Red and that was his code name in Shock. He had to be called it. He is married to Miss Blue for some reason he hates blue but found Miss Blue very attractive. Anyway he is most famous for fighting his enemy The Blue Stickman in Red vs Blue animated series even though occasionally he never really won any fights against the Blue Stickman he is still noticed for trying he and his red team the team of red stickman work together to try and defeat the Blue Stickman. He also appears in Black and White when him and The Blue Stickman finally get along and decide to team. They meet up with their friends The Black Stickman and The White Stickman when all of a sudden they get into a big fight and then they charge at each other but one they touch their colors unexpectedly mix together turning them into a Black and White Stickman. Then The Red Stickman is taken down hard by the Black and White Stickman!

Picture Gallery

Red vs Blue Animated series

The Red Stickman being beaten up by The Blue Stickman and a team member with a stick as he spits blood out his mouth!

File:TopStick Battle.png
Black And White

A picture of The Red Stickman in Black and White staring at the Black and White Stickman along with his friend the Blue Stickman