The Blue stickman is a very cool, dangerous, nice, popular, strong, and important stick he was Stickpages TopStick before Crazy Jay proved him wrong. He also appears in the video game series Black and White and in TopStick obviously he also is known famous for appearing in Red vs Blue animated series where he and his Blue team battle the red team occasionally Blue always manages to win his main enemy is the leader who has an obvious name, The Red Stickman!

Picture Gallery

Red vs Blue Animated series

a picture of the Blue Stickman a team member beating up the red Stickman with a wooden stick as the red stickman spits out blood!

Black And White

A picture of the Blue stickman and the red stickman staring at the Black and White Stickman in fear and confusion

File:TopStick Battle.png

The Blue Stickman standing there