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You won't survive!
— Tentionmaru, to Centurion

Tentionmaru (Tention) is a badass stick figure that wears a red transformable cape. This Rock hard Gladiator originated from Fluidanims and is the Co-leader of Zetabrand and also best budds with Nhazul. Tentionmaru is one of the few over powered (OP) RHGs that can only be found every few generations. His sworn enemy is Immortalis.


"He is most commonly seen as a light blue stick with white eyes, but his normal form is a black stick with blue eyes", which is only seen if he powered down completely. He mostly uses energy attacks, and along with immense strength, it he can be highly critical to opponents.


  • Tention has 3 super saiyan forms: "the first is blue (which he has already mastered)
  • The second is a green energy form
  • The third is the red dragon form (which is the strongest)".

However, his third form is rarely ever used and his enemies never survive it. In the red dragon form he can summon the dark energy of the universe and use it on any opponent, complete Obliteration.

Tentionmaru 3.png


Tentionmaru can also summon an energy dragon called Tenryu. He can ride on this dragon or use it while in combat. "Sometimes he'll equip an item called the -omnimorph ruby- which lets his scarf transform into weapons, but that's reserved solely for specific instances and isn't commonly seen anymore".

Watch his full power's being displayed here in this lovely tribute animation: tention's dragon

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