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tiripS is an original character whos name is simply spirit backwards, the origin of this man is unknown however for some reason he always carries around an old looking pocket watch, one time he lost it and destroyed an entire city trying to find it when it was just in his back pocket. Anything else about this man is unknown and he doesn't seem to fight people unless they fight him first and even then he will only fight if he has too, some say that he is scared of using his own power.


tiripS uses a futuristic yet old looking dagger to fight with and others who have fought him describe that three ghost like creature surrounded him and fought with him, however one man claimed to have killed him but a dark phantom like being similar to tiripS emerged from the body and almost killed the man


his normal body is just like a human body so any method of killing a human is probably going to do it but in his phantom form he is triple the power he usually has. One weakness has bean realised that it gets weaker in the light. However 1 unknown man has bean able to hurt this form near to death by using a weapon he describes as the sword of heavenly glow a sword made of energy that can cut threw anything including souls how this man obtained this sword is unknown and everytime tiripS has shown himself in a public place he has bean there to stop him. Sights of tiripS have bean slow with only a few small quick images of him in alleyways, sewers and other dark places.