Stickman Sam

this Stickman Sam and he is back for more! So get ready!


Stickman Sam1

Stickman Sam2

Stickman Sam3

Stickman Sam4






also this character does not have lots of weapons also why not try playing the game stickman sam on stick page?

because Sam is awesome cool and hes got cool weapons! But some times when he does missions he fails and some times he gets a sucess! Also his trainer is ball that you can summon. He helps Sam practice as a Stick man Also Sam is a new stickman but Sam is not a main stickman infact he doesn't even no any stickman! But he defeats black balls that you can summon, shoots boxes in training, and kills zombies that are not scary and not real. also he kills vampires that are not real! and also his teamate some times is the white summoning ball but he always teams- up with his twin friend Stickman Cam! Just remeber this stickman is no ordinary but ill tell you what he is! he is awesome!

Stickman Sam running away from a flying saucer

Stickman Sam running away from a helicopter