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Stick Empires is a free online real time strategy game where you battle players from around the world live. Both players get to choose from 1 out of 3 empires (Order Empire, Chaos Empire, and Elemental Empire). The ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy statue before one's own is destroyed; this is done by overpowering the enemy with your army. This can be done by purchasing and upgrading units, gaining abilities for units and building structures (Using resources such as gold and "mana").If the user/player signs in to the game he/she will start a streak in which they will be awarded empire coins which will increase by 10 every 24 hours for up to 70 empire coins per day. Furthermore, for the player's/user's first win of the day he/she will be awarded 10 empire coins. These empire coins can be spent by buying different apperances for whichever units you choose. Includes in game purchases. Stick Empires Game


Chaos Empire VS Order Empire - Stick Empires - Classic

Order vs Chaos