Running Stickperson sprinting with fear!

Stick Dude Arena

there is no caption for this violent picture!


Stick Dude Killing Arena (game) is a spin off of the series bearing the same name. It is really fun (and violent) (and bloody). Have fun killing people!

Game play

WASD - Move
Mouse Click - attack (depending on what weapon you have)
Spacebar - show level tips
Arrow Keys - Navigate missile
Move over a weapon to acquire it, break a crate to acquire a weapon, destroy wires using sharp objects (lightsaber counts!) click on person to kill them with a gun (if you have one!), try not to get killed!

Availible Weapons

  • ima fire in my lazer
  • pancakegun
  • waffletool
  • cane sword
  • waffle launcher
  • Moltov waffletails
  • turdthrower
  • god Power
  • flaming balls
  • fly
  • wafflesaber
  • Bow and waffles
  • pancake Frisbee


You are a test subject whose purpose is to attempt to get through a stesting facility for new SDKA movies. Advoid obstacles and kill other stick dudes. Have fun and be safe!


  • Spikes
  • Landmines
  • Other stick dudes
  • Saws



Play through different missions and kill people

Weapon Room

Test various weapons on another stick dude


Kill yourself on various obstacles