The Slush Fighters
The Slush Fighters are residents and defenders of Slusher Wing. Each of them bares fighting styles that aid them in their mission to protect their home from Big Blue and the Slush Invaders.

The Slush invaders are a huge team, and they have many members on their team. There are so many colors its hard to keep up with all the names but some of them are known as SticKirby, Stick James, Stickhanh, Stick Brian, Stick Matt, Stick Luke, Stick Dan, Stickwart, Stick Sean, and Stick Michael. The Slush Invaders are a very large group of blue colored invaders that invaded Slusher Wing. They're all grouped and named by their shade of blue. The leader of these invaders is Big Blue. The only non-blue member of the slush invaders is Bigboi.

Slush invaders

All the members of the Slush invaders interacting

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