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Shuriken is a purple stickman Rock Hard Gladiator and duelist , who also fought in The Demon War, but until he was killed by lightning. After 3 days, he has revived and got his super abilities. He is silent and calm, until he gets a lot of damage and activates his rage state. His dream always was joining Zetabrand clan and 5th of March he just did it and soon became best friends with Shura who was also in Zetabrand.


  • Shuriken uses two flying shurikens as weapons. The distance between the shuriken and Shuriken's hand is 0.4 meters at the shortest and no more than 5 meters at the highest. Shuriken is generated by energy and cannot be directly destroyed by the enemy, but if Shuriken is hit, the shuriken will automatically disappear.
  • Blue Energy Manipulation

Spin attack

  • Shuriken's favorite way of attacking is to use his two shurikens to rotate near enemies and cut them into pieces.

Explode Jump

  • Shuriken uses the energy in the Shuriken to explode and jump at the same time, which can make him fly nearly 50 meters, but this skill will also cause damage to him.

Air Strikes

  • Shuriken jumps and perform frontflips, and use two shurikens to attack the enemy at the same time.

Violent state

  • Even for Shuriken, this is a very dangerous state. When he was close to death, he. . . . Shuriken in this state will not be able to be killed, and his movement speed is very fast at this time, close to 1000 meters per second! At this time, he will cut the enemy's body gracefully. In this state, he treats the enemy very violently, and his only goal is to kill the enemy. He has completely lost his mind and will only do his best to kill the enemy, but this state will not last long, about 10 to 15 seconds, but this is enough to kill the enemy. If you try to kill Shuriken, then you will inevitably fight against Shuriken in this state. There is only one way to help you defeat him, and that is to defend and survive this period of time. . . . . . By the way, if Shuriken finds that he cannot defeat his opponent, he will hurt himself to activate this mode.


Demo 2



  • Shuriken is good at offense, but not good at defense, which makes him vulnerable.