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Pardon me. It's hard to distinguish between you and the flower.
— ShadowRose, Story#12

ShadowRose (ˈSHadō rōz) is a grayish blue Rock Hard Gladiator with a white rose creeper wrapping around his right arm and a glowing rose with magical properties. He is a very trained fighter, and is well respected by his peers in Ministry.

His feminine looks and his own name cause others to mistakenly think his gender is female, but he's truly a gentleman.


ShadowRose was born in Azoan family with his younger brother Derax who manipulates fire. Since their elements are against each other, but both have a very strong sense and always understand to their brother. That makes them become incredible team fighters. ShadowRose is a merciful guy and known as a defensive RHG. He would never kill his enemies if they don't force him to do so.

Fighting style

ShadowRose can attacks his targets at long range with his main weapon, Rose creeper, as well as hand to hand combat at close range.

With various moves at different ranges, ShadowRose can mix them up for numerous combos. His weapon however, doesn't put up much damage, he prefer to analyze enemies's fighting skills to make up his own strategy for a counterattack.

Glowing Rose is a magic object in a sharp rose that can act as an ultimate shield. Glowing Rose can also be used as a big blow move to enemies at the cost that he loses his ultimate shield for a while. He's must succeed in doing the blow move or he becomes defenseless.


ShadowRose VS King Loxias - Won

ShadowRose VS Ikarhan - Won

ShadowRose VS AAlbusUUmbra - Won

ShadowRose VS Garo - Won (Poll)

ShadowRose VS Shura - Won

ShadowRose VS Jade - Not official

ShadowRose VS Rosie - Not official


  • ShadowRose was created in 27th July 2011 and official on Stickpage in 17th Febuary 2013.
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Can controls unbreakable Rose as a shield(which is flying next to him,he can summons only 1 of it) Rose creeper comes from his body that used like a whip,or turn hard to become a sword(surround his right arm) By the time he rises Rose petals,he's gonna teleport after the Rose petals cover him


His weakness is fire element,only effect on his Rose creeper and Rose petals,but useless on full Rose


ShadowRose comes from Azoan family.As a big brother to Derax,they are highly strong when they together,even they no more need their weapons. Specially Derax's fire cant harm his element(doesnt mean Derax's fire is weak,but because they're bros)