Sacred is a senior member of the Stickpage forum. He orginally joined on June 21st, 2007. Throughout his membership he has taken multiple leaves of abscence in order to accomodate with issues in his life. These have lasted from a few weeks to 8 months (August 2011 - March 2012). The name was founded simply from the idea of thinking of a cool original name (good job).

Sacred is most known for his literary touch. He spends the majority of his time in the Literature-based areas of the forum, along with General Discussion, Debate, and Philosophy sections.

He originally joined the forum with the means of learning to animate better. However he limited himself by sticking strictly with Pivot. His reasoning was that he did not want to spend money on an animation program simply because he was young and didn't have the money. However he eventually got a hold of Flash, but never used it to it's full potential. Instead he used it as an effects-base for his animations that were originally created in Pivot. He also used Flash to make himself become a regular collaboration hoster.

During the Stickpage Hack Attack, Stickpage Reset, and Stickpage Merge, Sacred was simply lurking amongst the forums. But because of all the activity in what seemed like a dead community, he decided to return to see what the fuss was all about. After seeing the new and more active community he decided to stay on with the means of hopefully mentoring those new to writing.

In May of 2012, Sacred was promoted to "Section Moderator" on request of tryouts. However the permissions that were granted to him were limited because of the unorganized forum merge.

Fun Fact: During early 2011, Sacred was rumored throughout the community to be promoted to the NTF. However that never happened.

Funner Fact: He has butt sex with Fusion all day.

Even Funner Fact: Fusion is generally unconscious.