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Rock Hard Gladiators (RHG) are "avatars" or "characters" used by animators to represent themselves in animation challenges. which is formaly called, an RHG Battle. This resulted in many challenges and competitions between some of these characters AndreNhazulYoYoChuckJommTentionmaruOxob, and  FLLFFL also known as Alfa.

This first RHG system was created on "" but the site had to be moved because of hosting service issues and was relocated with a different name. It was then later brought all the way from Fluidanims (FA) to Stickpage after the merge.

They are so many different RHGs, all with cool powers, and ever few generations you may find an original, over powered or unique RHG.

Some animators even came together and form small groups with thier characters, called RHG Clans

Andre is the oldest example of RHG, created by Travis 'Stone' Steven, who started the FA crusade. You might call him, "The first of the RHG" visit FA's RHG list here: Archive Fluidanims RHG

To start your RHG today, you will need a Stickpage or Hyun's Dojo acount, visit here for more details: Starting-your-RHG

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