Reverb is an action / RPG game where the player dons the role of Jason Green, an amnesiac figure who is lost in the dark bowels of a mysterious building amd must figure out what's going out.



An unknown stickman wakes up in a basement, muttering to himself until he grabs his flashlight out and flips on the lights. Still confused, he wanders around, finding another lost stick who is killed the instant he turns his back. Scared, he runs, only to find a wounded man. Giving him his medkit, the guy gives the player a gun, instructing him to kill an intruder. Afterwards, the man dies and the player is forced through some more rooms to kill more people. Eventually, the figure comes across a strange robotic machine which barely defeats. Panting, he leaves and finds a man named Rhodes. Rhodes accompanies him across the building, leading him to another strange man, who reveals himself to be a sort of leader and that the player's name is Jason Green. Blasting his shoulder, they put him to sleep and drag him away. Led to a maze, Jason is given one last challenge: find a first-aid kit in the middle of a maze, or die. Upon doing so, he is knocked out again and the game ends.