Red vs Blue Animated series

This Blue vs Red the animated series! Red would Ko the light blue stickman but the dark blue stick man grabbed a stick and kept wacking him with it but then the light blue stickman would come and finish the red stickman


Red vs Blue was first made because of a battle of Yellow vs Blue vs Red vs Green their could only be 2 winners! Yellow would eliminate Green with a missile and Red would try to eliminate Blue with a missile but Blue would catch it and throw it at Yellow so Blue and Red were going to battle each other! There lots of battles, and lots of injurys! So Blue and Red decided to settle this with one more battle who ever eliminated everybody on their opponets team would win all the Red stickmen killed all the Blue stickman except for one so the Blue stickman killed all the Red stickman but their was a huge, and giant one but the Blue stickman was some how tough enough to take down the red giant so the blue stickman was the final, ultimate, and 1rst top stickman THE END!

One Blue vs Many Reds

A whole bunch of Red Sticks ready to finish the last Blue Stick