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A RHG Clan is a group of Rock Hard Gladiators. The Clan needs at least 6 members. The clan also needs its Location (N,S,E,W). There are some main clans; NEMESIS (S), Zetabrand (E), Ministry (W), Ellypsis (N). List Of RHG Clans

Zetabrand East STYLE South
Ministry West Palaxy West
Ellypsis North Velox West

Phoenix (North) Crescent Brigade (North) Beyond (North) Paradox (North) Equilibrium (North)
SOB (Son of Bitches) North Eternity North
South Elite (Imperial Guard) South FIST North
Nemesis North The Chosen 6 North
Infinity North The Mafia North

Western Brutes West HAVEN East
Eastern Crow East Commission of Unrelenting Tactics (C.U.T.) South
HEX North Burst Crusaders South
The Pew Pew Clan South Shift South
Vanguard (East) Dragon Blades (East) Ragnarok (East) The Adversaries (East) Freelancer (East) Azure (East) Rebellion (East)
Dispatch North Burst North
Balance West NEX West
Knight West LOST West
REVO West WoW West
Chimera (South) Tsukoyomi (South) Chronicle (South) Espada (South) Charge (South) Omega (South) Loco (South) Dragon Tail (South) Most Wanted (South) Velocity (South) Magnum (South) Blacksmith (South) Cell (South) Slaughterous (South) The Undertakers (South) Seek (South) The Skull Caps (South) Carnage (South)
The Inmortal mortals West Inmortal Reborn East
STAR West Blackot Crew East
ASF West 908 East
Pride East Amaterasu East
Buddist Heaven (West) Crown (West) Dominators (West) Trinity (West) Fabulous (West) COA (West) Fallen (West) VoidZ (West)
PUNK East The Chosen 6 West
Cataclysm East Victory West
TWO West Nucleus West
FIVE West Flare West
Cross North
X-Tint West Northern Killers North
Limbo West Flyte North
SYNC West The Resistence North
Inexyz West Legion Noth
Versitile South
Ragestorm North Mugetsu North
ElementalFusion North GLA North
Armageddon North Lyall North
Introduction North WOJ North
Blade Symphony South
Shield of the South Duh JFB South
LOOK South Brazoocas South
N00b South Brother Clan South
Rogue Theory South ACE South