Project Retribution is a tribue to the SHOCK Series. it's about stickpeople of Males and Females were waging war against each other.


ScaRR: ScaRR is the main character of Project Retribution. He wanted revenge on Jessica for killing Sensei two weeks ago.

Ability: Atomic Explosion

Colour: Brown

Sensei: ScaRR's combat master and most trusted friend. Not long ago Sensei gave ScaRR some info about the Female Whore Leader, but unfortunatley, he was killed by Jessica.

Ability: Unknown

Colour: Purple

Jessica: An aggressive stickgirl who calles herself ScaRR's "girlfriend".

Ability: Tentacles

Colour: Pink

Paige:A friend of Jessicas

Ability: Claws

Colour: Sky

Amy: Another friend of Jessicas

Colour: Yellow

Ability: Regeneration

Linkin Park: Played New Divide after ScaRRs flashback.

Colour: None

Ability: Background music

Plot Syposis

In the beginning, Jessica and ScaRR are mercilessly trying to kill each other and Jessica is trying to make out with ScaRR. Scarr repeatedly attempts to push her away to no anvil. At some point, she DOES realise that he hates her and really starts putting the pressure on him by using her tentacles. When that begins to fail, she calls in Paige, who quickly puts her claws to great effect. Jessica is then forced to sommon Amy, who really annoys ScaRR by regenating every time he pummels her.

Eventually at some point, ScaRR has a flashback. Apparently, he was fighting in some sort of war and was reporting back to Sensei when Jessica-who had been stalking Scarr lately-attacks and kills sensei. As his dying wish, sensei orders ScaRR to use the scarf to track down Jessica.

The video when Jessica, really angry now, summons ALL of her friends, who simultaniously all attack ScaRR who in retalliation, uses his atomic dentonation abilty.


  • Varius sites with project retribution have the original version which has swearing and more aggression, whereas the StickPage version replaced the swearing with normal conversationalism.
  • There is a small chance that ScaRR and Jessica survived the explosion. This may lead to a sequel.
  • In the flashback, ScaRR swore revenge, but let jessicas scarf float away. So it is unknown how he found her in the factory.
  • Also, the end of the flashback has the best (and only) background in the distance.
  • ScaRR randomly changes his colour in the fight.
  • Like the SHOCK Series, the background takes damage and changes shape during battles.
  • It is heavily implied that ScaRR is the younger, past version of Mr.Red in SHOCK, hence why he was looking for a job in the series and where his weapon skill as well as Hand to hand combat skill comes from.