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Oxob is breaking out of the Black Stickman's base

We need an ambulance.
— Oxob, to Blazer

Oxob3000 is a Rock Hard Gladiator stickfigure. He has cybernetic hands that absorb energy, so his punches deal much more damage than average. Being a long time member of RHGP, he has won many battles and has gained a lot of popularity not only on Stickpage but on Youtube, Hyun's Dojo & Newgrounds.

During his battle with Xenrath Oxob got injured so badly, he could never fully recover. But after battling Jade, clan NEMESIS offered to help and got both his hands and legs fixed. Now Oxob has the ability to fly for a short time.

Oxob's house

Oxob lives in small but quite cosy place, hidden in the corner of a dirty street. A big flat stone is blocking its entrance, which is simply a hole in the wall, preventing others from breaking in.


Oxob lost his hands from a helicopter's doors slamming on them and exploding, instantly cauterizing the wounds. That day, he was preparing for a stunt involving a parachute jump. His friend was going to film him.

At the exact second when Oxob was about to jump, the mysterious Black Stickman (who turned out to be watching them the whole time) pressed a button and the helicopter exploded. Two of the crew members died immediately. Oxob's friend saved him from falling into the aircraft turbine and tried to pull him in, but then the next explosion happened and the door got shut, cutting Oxob's hands off and trapping his friend inside of the flaming helicopter.

Oxob managed to survive the chaos and went to a hospital (being depressed after his best friend's death and thinking that his life is ruined). There the Black Stickman met him and offered to fix his hands.

"Just sign this. We're getting your hands fixed."

Another picture of Oxob's house

Later on, Oxob not only got new powerful hands but also was injected with nanobots that gave him robot-like electricity-based powers and turned his eyes bright-teal. As soon as Oxob woke up he broke out of the Black Stickman's base and ran off into the forest.

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vs IVITD (Lapsus) - WON

vs Daisey - WON

vs Blazer - WON


Original description


By using his mechanical steel hands, Oxob absorbs energy from his surroundings which is used to create a powerful punch that he calls "the rocket-punch". It allows him to move ore even fly short distances and to strike his opponent with huge force. He is also able to create small earthquakes by striking the ground. Also, due to his daily visits at the gym, Oxob has great strength.


Ranged attacks and fast opponents. If you're faster then him, you are able to dodge his most powerful attacks since they take some time to charge up. Also, Oxob's hands are not waterproof.


Oxob's life is all a big game. He lives every day as if it was his last and he always sees the positive in every situation. In his earlier days he use to be a rich stuntman and pushed his limits for each stunt he made. As a result, one day he lost both his hands. Though, since he was so rich, he could afford to buy new mechanical. Later on, these hands were upgraded, constructed in carbon steel and modified with power-concentrating ability. After these upgrades, Oxob was all out of money and then he turned into a poor guy with no belongings. Despite this, Oxob still tries to live each day with joy, and makes friends wherever he goes. But those who try to pick a fight mostly leaves with at least a broken nose.