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Created by Stone (Travis Steven), then implemented into this game, Ninja is a playable character from the game Combat Tournament Legends. He is a musical ninja who modified his musical gadgets and turned them into weapons. Welding a microphone and CDs, Ninja is one of the strongest competitors in the tournament to either play with or against.


He is a black stickman that wears a black hoodie that fully covers his body and a long purple headband under it.


Martial Arts:

He relies on his fast punishing fists and speed to cover up the distances between him and the opponent.

Musical Weapons:

He carries a compact disc that he changes its size for with different combos.

He also wields a microphone that he either uses to whip around or unleash out of the ground to take his opponents by surprise.

Energy Manipulation:

He can apply electrical charges to his Compact Disc, which he can then guide towards his opponents to deal damage quickly.

Similar Characters

  • Mr.ShaoDow: He only appears in First 4 Way Battle in version 2.1 of the game. He is completely black and has his special bar full once the match starts.
  • Mr.ShaoDow - Grime: He is the same as Mr.ShaoDow, but he appears in 6 Way Game.


There is only one type of bot for Ninja, who is a Follow Bot.

Follow Bot

This bot acts like other Follow bots in the game, but they don't stay in one spot on the map and can also do special attacks. They will also follow a specific fighter on the map.

Moves (Links: Animations)

  • Attack 1: Performs two punches, like a jab.
  • Attack 2: Follow up to Attack 1; Performs five more faster punches. (Frame Name: Attack2)
  • Attack 3: Follow up to Attack 2; Does a reverse roundhouse kick; Also a move for in the air. (Frame Name: Attack3)
  • Attack 4: Throws a disc forward, then dashes forward for a dashing kick to the gut; 3 hitboxes; Bots follow up with Attack 10. (Frame Name: Attack7/Attack5)
  • Attack 5: Follow up to Attack 4; Performs a strong forward punch; Not used by the Bot. (Frame Name: Attack15)
  • Attack 6: Start to the up combo; Uppercut attack; Not used by A.I. (Frame Name: Attack14)
  • Attack 7: An attack utilizing his microphone; First swings the microphone angling toward the ground in front of him, then whips it to hit behind him; 2 hitboxes; Never used by A.I. (Frame Name: aetipaentjaebnt. This attack has 13 animation frames that can't be seen in-game.)
  • Attack 8: Aerial attack; Brings out and holds out a large CD, quickly spinning backwards to smack opponents into the air, or bring them down to the ground latterly; 3 hitboxes; Never used by the bot. (Frame Name: UpArrayMove_)
  • Attack 9: Follow up to Attack 4; Does a flurry of punches with his hands and then switches to using a CD, then ends with a reverse roundhouse kick; 11 hits; Not for the Bot. (Frame Name: Attack13)
  • Attack 10: Follow up to Attack 6 and Attack 5; Brings out a large spinning disc while reaching upwards, lifting opponents into the air; 5 hits. (Frame Name: Attack16/Attack6/Attack13)
  • Attack 11: Follow up to Attack 10; Uses the same animation frames from Attack 3, but it is done twice, with the first one facing and hitting forward and the next one facing and hitting in the opposite direction; 2 hits; Bots follow up with Attack 14 or Attack 12. (Frame Name: Attack17)
  • Attack 12: Follow up to Attack 11 and Attack 7; Pulls out a large spinning CD, hitting opponents repeatedly as he angles and goes towards the ground; 7 hits. (Frame Name: Attack19)
  • Attack 13: Aerial attack; Is exactly the same as Attack 12, but there is no voice clip and the attack has additional endlag frames; Used by the Bot after a special attack. (Frame Name: Attack12)
  • Attack 14: Follow up to Attack 11 and Attack 7; Brings out a large spinning disc reaching upwards, then repeatedly shifts between two positions, causing lots of hits to take effect; 11 hits. (Frame Name: Attack16b)
  • Attack 15: Down attack; Beginning in a crouching stance, uses his microphone to spin around with him, hitting surrounding opponents, and slightly after he gets up to spin while standing, they then get thrown to the right of him for the last hit; 12 hitboxes. (Frame Name: Attack18)
  • Attack 16: Follow up to Attack 3; Brings out and swings his microphone downward, then lashes it upwards to smack opponents into the air, then strongly whips the microphone onto the ground; 3 hits; Never used by A.I. (Frame Name: DragonMic2)
  • Attack 17: Follow up to Attack 16, Attack 9 and Attack 2; Unleashes 4 microphones from the ground, then unleashes a larger 5th microphone out of the ground for the last two hits; 6 hitboxes; Can follow up with Attack 10; Not for the Bot. (Frame Name: DragonMic)

Voice Clips

Frame 15 of RollBack

Frame 1 of Charging

Frame 1 of Attack13

Frame 18 of Attack13

Frame 24 of Attack16/Attack6/Attack13

Frame 7 of Attack19

Frame 1 of Attack16b


  • Ninja is unlocked after winning Final Fight.
  • He is voiced by SirKillington.
  • Ninja cannot do the crouch walking exploit.
  • His movement speed is the 2nd fastest in the game, tied with Double Range.
  • A theory as to why Mr.ShaoDow in version 2.1 acts the way he does is that his A.I. is set to follow a certain opponent on the map. The Mr.ShaoDow in First 4 Way Battle is the same as Mr.ShaoDow - Grime in 6 Way Game, but he doesn't have an assigned entity to follow, so it strangely defaults to himself, which leads him to attack repeatedly.
    • If anyone were to enter his viewing range, he will stop doing so and follow and attack the opponent in front of him. If they leave his viewing range, he will go back to attacking randomly again.
      • Despite the changes in version 2.2, the A.I. that Mr.ShaoDow had in First 4 Way Battle can be seen in the VS Mode by fighting against a CPU Ninja.
  • For some reason, there is an invisible entitiy placed in certain arenas of the game that the CPUs can get stuck standing near. This disappears when playing as Ninja on these maps. This occurs because normally, the player's character is only pushed in when that character is selected. For Ninja, however, he is already pushed in regardless if he was selected or not, so CPUs still think Ninja is in the map even if he doesn't spawn in the level. When you select Ninja, things act as they should, as the CPUs won't get stuck.
  • Ninja has more gravity applied to him than everyone else. This is also why he has the highest jump-height in the game.
  • Ninja's special attack uses animation frames from other attacks.
  • If you choose Death Players 2 as Ninja, he will not spawn and the other fighters on the map will run to the right and attack each other. This is because a Ninja spawn object is not present in the level frame.
  • Ninja takes more damage from some attacks than others.
  • Ninja takes a longer time to respawn from defeat than others. This can be annoying in Tag Kill and One Man Army. This also applies to Ninja CPUs.
  • He has one unused voice clip named "405". It sounds like a faster version of "404".
    • Theoretically, he actually has two unused voice clips. The one frame that the voice clip for Attack 14 plays on does play, but it is set to sync the stop, so it is never heard normally.
  • Some of his moves can take just too long to hit his opponents. This means that you can get hit out of a combo right before you get a hit on an opponent with certain attacks.
    • This can be remedied by using the pause exploit, but it is VERY hard to time it correctly.
  • Ninja appeared for the first time, in the animated music video "Get Stronger" Music: by ShaoDow, with the animation done by Stone.

He has 2 unused attacks. One of them was meant to be a more extensive version of Attack 4. He throws a second disc forward after the kick. This attack was probably deemed unnecessary to include, probably due to Attack 4 launching hit opponents way too far away to be of any use, and thus the attack was modified to not include this part of the attack. The other attack involves him using his microphone. He lashes it forward two times. This attack could've been used after Attack 15, due to where the sprites for it are placed in the files, which is after that attack's sprites, or it was also meant to be used before Attack 16, since it is before that attack's sprites. This attack even has sound effects within it. But potentially due to versatility, it wasn't added to be in-game. Due to these decisions, hitboxes are not present with these attacks.

Unused Ninja Attack 2.gif
Unused Ninja Attack 1.gif