Nhazul is a purple Rock hard Gladiator with a blue scarf, a very intense popular stickman, was featured as a Top Stick, and was a fighter in Fluidanims. He an elite ninja swordsman with immense strength and agility. He is best buds with Tentionmaru. Nhazul is also the leader of Zetabrand and carries a large jetpack cross that sheathes his blades, (sword in the top & two daggers in the side). His cross can also be used as a heavy weapon or a shield.Nhazul is all about intense accelerated attacks, force and lightning fast dashes and his arch nemesis is Descrye.
Nhazul unleash

Holy Blaze: Nhazul's energy/element (fire). This fire energy can be harnessed into any one of his weapons. It can also be harnessed into his feet and fists and be thrown out as energy blasts. Nhazul holds a plethora of signature special attacks within this element. DO NOT underestimate the power of his flames.