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Nhazul is a purple Rock hard Gladiator with a blue scarf, a very intense popular stickman, was featured as a Top Stick, and was a fighter in Fluidanims. He an elite ninja swordsman with immense strength and agility. He is best buds with Tentionmaru. Nhazul is also the leader of Zetabrand and carries a large jetpack cross that sheathes his blades, (sword in the top & two daggers in the side). His cross can also be used as a heavy weapon or a shield.Nhazul is all about intense accelerated attacks, force and lightning fast dashes and his arch nemesis is Descrye.

Nhazul unleash.jpg


Holy Blaze: Nhazul's energy/element (fire). This fire energy can be harnessed into any one of his weapons. It can also be harnessed into his feet and fists and be thrown out as energy blasts. Nhazul holds a plethora of signature special attacks within this element. DO NOT underestimate the power of his flames.


Nhazul can be very aggressive in battle, so there will be openings in his combat style. These will be very opportune times to attack. Nhazul is also quick and fragile, so heavy blows/hits and explosive type weapons will get the best of him. He is also fairly weapon-dependent, so catch him without one/ or rid him of it and the odds will be in your favor.


Nhazul knows close to nothing of his past, and only holds on to shattered glimpses of what seems to be the destruction of an entire city and people. He has no recollection of how this catastrophe occurred, but feels a heavy weight leaning upon him, as if he was somehow significantly involved. Other than this, the only thing he knows is Zetabrand, an organization that is burdened with the task of slaying demonic-like creatures that have recently came known to the world. He was welcomed into Zetabrand just 1 year ago, seemingly shortly after his memories had escaped him. It has become daily routine for him to wake up, train with his squad, complete his missions, and than catch some shut eye. His fighting abilities have thoroughly developed through his demon slaying and rigorous combat training. He has a very calm and collective mentality, but once a battle is initiated he becomes a bit wreckless. Nhazul carries a large and unwieldy cross laden with metal. It signifies the weight of the burdens he carries from an unknown past and an oath to the divinity that guides him forward. Within this cross is sheathed two daggers bound with chains and single-edged sword. These weapons combined with an adept ability in hand-to-hand combat, specifically with leg work, make Nhazul a fearsome adversary on the battlefield. Nhazul is also known to undergo small bouts of a fiend-like rage, although rare and extremely short-lived, they are exceptionally destructive. They appear to be triggered by his vivid and nightmarish memories. Bound by an oath, Nhazul believes that through traveling the world and becoming a glorified warrior, he can find clues to uncover the origins of his past. Nhazul battles on...