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Murph Sr. was a FluidAnims RHG created by Murph.


Murph began his life as a simple drawing by a small boy. He was repeatedly drawn fighting other hastily doodled stick men, using a different weapon each time. Soon, Murph was being drawn fending off hordes and hordes of other stick men. Though, on one fateful day, all these papers were crumpled together and thrown quickly into a waist bin. The boy no longer believed that the stick he was drawing, Murph, had any more potential. He was old news. However, Murph himself would not let his duty end there. He removed himself from the single-frame safety of the pages and stepped out into the real world. Murph soon realized that he had retained each and every one of his weapons, and knew how to use all of them. The RHG seemed to be the only place that would accept him. But who would challenge him? In later days, he was outlined in blue pen in order to become more permanent. To obtain more endurance. Murph has become a worthy opponent. He has become fairly aged through his years participating in RHG. He is considering retirement to have another gladiator carry on the torch. A member of The Chosen 6


He is able to spawn any simple weapon. This does not include complex weapons such as firearms or explosives. Skilled with and only with the weapons he spawns himself. He also has heightened agility.


Very light. Inexperienced in hand-to-hand combat. Weak. Fire (he is composed of paper).


Old (2007) Battles


Demo 2

Demo 3

Demo 4

Murph VS Cosmoseth (Tribute)

Murph VS Antix - Lose

Murph VS Vatok - Win

Murph VS Freik - Win (by Forfeit)


Written RHGs

vs Yoyo - Inconclusive

vs Trix - WIN


vs Jessepinwheel - LOSS