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Created by Ongokiller50 (Dennes Tejada), Mr. Slaptastic is a playable character from the game Combat Tournament. He also appears again in Combat Tournament Legends. He wields two rubber gloves as his way of offense and self-defense. Due to his gloves, he is thought to have been a veteran of combat tournaments.


He is a crimson red stick figure, wearing two large red rubber gloves and a gray metal cap on his head.


Rubber Gloves:

He uses his gloves to slap his opponents to death, and can launch his opponents to great distances.

Cloth Manipulation:

He has the ability to manipulate his gloves to various sizes, which can be charged to different limits to increase attack range and power.

Similar Characters

  • TonyTheCock (TonyTheTock in Combat Tournament Legends): TonyTheCock is the same as the original Mr. Slaptastic, but has eyes and has a glove for a head instead of a cap.
    • The name change in Combat Tournament Legends was probably due to censorship to appeal to younger audiences.
  • HandJob: Same as TonyTheCock, but has a vivid purple body and has a light blue glove for a head with red eyes and light blue gloves.
  • Balls: Same as TonyTheCock, but is in Slappy Vs. Hammy.
  • DarkColorSlapper: Same as TonyTheCock, but is solid black.
  • SesameStreet: Same as TonyTheCock, but in Total War.
  • OneBall: Looks the same as Mr. Slaptastic.
  • DirtyToilet: Same as TonyTheCock, but is in 2v2.
  • Mario: Mario is the same as Mr. Slaptastic, but has an inverted effect on his model.
  • A_Bed_Matrix: Same as Mario.
  • Mr. Slaptastic (A'N'D): Mr. Slaptastic, but is solid red.
  • HeavyBooks: Same as Mr. Slaptastic in A'N'D.
  • DontLetUBreath: He has two variations, both that look like Mr. Slaptastic: one that is solid blue that is in Attack 'N' Defend, and one that is solid vivid orchid that is Elimination +2.
  • STAY_DOWN: Same as DontLetUBreath in Attack 'N' Defend.
  • CockBlocker: Same as STAY_DOWN.
  • DennesTejada: Is the same as Mr. Slaptastic, but is shaded to be darker.
  • There are 4 characters in an unused level in Combat Tournament that all look the same as TonyTheCock.


There are 5 types of bots for Mr. Slaptastic: Normal, Follow, Attacker, Defend, and Dennes.

Normal Bots

These bots can't do specials and do very ineffective attacks and unfinished combos and also stay in a single spot in the map. Ex: HandJob, OneBall, and the two ghost bots in One Man Army.

Follow Bots

These bots can do specials if you're at a lock-on distance away. These bots only have the three slaps and the shock slam attack and then follow up with the up combo or do the down aerial combo. They also do the follow up to the down combo and launch into the air. They don't stay in one spot. Ex: TonyTheCock and Balls.

Attacker and Defend Bots

Named because only the enemy bots in Attack 'N' Defend have these types of A.I. In Defend mode, they act somewhat like Follow bots, but are enhanced to do the shockwave clap, the up attack and do the multislap combo.

In Attacker mode, they only do the forward slap and multislap attacks when attacking crystals (also has the four slap combo when breaking down the breakable wall). They will also perform a special attack as soon as their special bar is full when attacking one as well.

Dennes Bot

Named because only the final boss named DennesTejada has this A.I. This A.I. is only present in the Final Fight on Hard Mode. This A.I. has the first three neutral slaps, but adds the up attack combo at the end of the third one. It also has the forward attack and multislap combos. This bot will even stop his combo midway if they miss the player at first.

Moves (Links: Animations)

  • Attack 1: One slap to the face.
  • Attack 2: Follow up to Attack 1; Slaps using his other hand. (Frame Name: Attack2)
  • Attack 3: Follow up to Attack 2; Upward curving slap; Moves opponents backwards slightly with stun; Uses Attack 2's hand. (Frame Name: Attack3)
  • Attack 4: Follow up to Attack 3; Slams on the ground in front of him with both of his hands; Launches opponents an incredible distance; A.I. follow up this move with Attack 13 or Attack 9. (Frame Name: Attack4)
  • Attack 5: A quick forward slap; Launches a decent distance; Bots follow up with Attack 10 or Attack 6. (Frame Name: Attack7)
  • Attack 6: Follow up to Attack 5; Does 11 fast but weak forward slaps, then does a stronger forward slap, causing knockback; 12 hits; Attacker, Defend and Dennes Bots use this move. (Frame Name: Attack13. In Combat Tournament Legends, this attack is split into two parts: Attack13 and FastCombo___(The first one is the function to execute the move, and the second one is the function to extend the attack's combo, which can also be seen in Poke.)
  • Attack 7: Follow up to Attack 3; Does a very strong clap with his hands, causing a shockwave; Knocks opponents a decent distance; Defend bots follow up with Attack 5 or Attack 8. (Frame Name: Attack8)
  • Attack 8: Start to the up combo; Curves one of his hands, starting from near the ground, over his head and then to his other side, then strongly claps directly above him, causing a shockwave; 4 hitboxes; Normal bots use this move, while Defend and Dennes Bots follow up with Attack 9 or Attack 13. (Frame Name: Attack14)
  • Attack 9: Aerial attack; A downward diagonal spike with both of his hands in fists; Bots follow up with Attack 10, Attack 6 or Attack 5. (Frame Name: Attack6)
  • Attack 10: Follow up to Attack 9; Similar to Attack 5, but is a strong punch; A.I. follow up with Attack 6 or repeat this move a random amount of times. (Frame Name: Attack11)
  • Attack 11: Aerial attack; Forceful forward slap; Animation is similar to Attack 2; Bots in Combat Tournament Legends can repeat this move a random amount of times. (Frame Name: Attack12)
  • Attack 12: Follow up to Attack 4 and Attack 7; Pokes opponents; 4 hits; Not used by A.I. (Frame Name: Poke. In Combat Tournament Legends, this attack includes FastCombo___ with Poke.)
  • Attack 13: Follow up to Attack 8; Uses the same animation frames as Attack 11, but is rotated 90.5° clockwise (right)/counterclockwise (left), which is facing downwards, and hits with a downward angled hit and direction; Is placed to be above the center in Combat Tournament Legends. (Frame Name: Attack16)
  • Attack 14: Follow up to Attack 13; Same as Attack 11, but the frames are rotated 90.5° counterclockwise (right)/clockwise (left), which is facing upwards, and hits directly upwards and also near the end of the move, he rotates himself to face upright; Leads to Attack 11; Can also follow up with Attack 9; Dennes Bot follows up with Attack 11 or Attack 9. (Frame Name: Attack17)
  • Attack 15: Start to the down combo; Effortly slams both of his hands on both sides of him onto the ground; causing a shockwave to occur on the ground; Never used by A.I. (Frame Name: Attack18)
  • Attack 16: Follow up to Attack 15; Launches upward into the air like a spinning spear, doing constant damage, ending in a slam downwards with both of his hands that spikes opponents directly downwards; Hitboxes for every frame in between frame 6 and frame 24 of the move; Follow and Defend bots use this move. (Frame Name: Attack19)
  • Attack 17: Follow up to Attack 16; Same as the last hit of Attack 16, but he quickly moves himself up and then down, quickly kicking downwards with both of his feet; Not used for A.I. (Frame Name: Attack501)
  • Attack 18: Follow up to Attack 5; A powerful backhand slap; Launches at a diagonal arc; Is slower and can be repeated in Combat Tournament Legends; A.I. never use this move. (Frame Name: Attack15)

Voice Clips

Frame 5 of Jump

Frame 1 of Hurt2

Frame 2 of Attack4

Frame 5 of Attack7

Frame 1 of Attack13

Frame 1 of Attack8/Frame 6 of Charging

Frame 1 of Poke

Frame 1 of Attack17

Combat Tournament Legends Exclusive

Frame 1 of Poke (was edited)

Frame 1 of Attack18

Skin IDs

By changing the name of the character sprite object for any Mr. Slaptastic CPU in a level frame, you can actually change their accessories, but there is a random chance for some characters that it might backfire and delete the A.I.'s code.

  • S1: Glove with eyes; Used by TonyTheCock, HandJob, Balls, etc.
  • S2: Same as S1.
  • S4: Same as S1.
  • S5: Same as S1.

Combat Tournament Rewind

Mr. Slaptastic was implemented into the first released version of the Combat Tournament Rewind Demo. Presumably, he was the first character to be worked on, as the progress made with him is the most complete compared to everyone else. He is also the first opponent you see in the game, in the tutorial levels. The attacks that properly make a return to this game from the previous two games are Attack 1, Attack 2, Attack 3, Attack 5, Attack 6, Attack 7, Attack 8, Attack 9, Attack 11, and Attack 15.


  • Mr. Slaptastic is one of the starter characters in Combat Tournament Legends, along with Home-Run-Bat.
  • His voice is taken from the game Unreal Tournament in 2003/2004. He uses the voice clips from the Human Male.
  • Mr. Slaptastic's hitbox acts differently compared to everybody else, as he will take hits after being knocked out of crouching, unlike Double Range.
  • Mr. Slaptastic has his own exclusive level, but he isn't the only one able to access it. In Combat Tournament, through the use of restarting in certain levels, you can actually play as Home-Run-Bat in Slappy Vs. Hammy if you select him as a character, although you start off dead.
    • If you do the same thing with Double Range, he actually won't spawn and the camera will get stuck at the top-left of the map. This is due to a Double Range sprite object not being present in the level frame.
  • In Combat Tournament, he is the only character to have a recovery time when launched.
    • In Combat Tournament Legends, the recovery time is slightly shorter than the other characters.
  • If you look closely at his hands when he does Attack 7, you will see that he has two left/right hands; the right/left one looks the same as the left/right one.
  • In Combat Tournament Legends, Attack 13 and Attack 14 can be constantly repeated when timed correctly.
  • Attack 8's hitbox has significantly less vertical height in Combat Tournament Legends.
  • During the rising hitboxes of Attack 16, there are no hit sound effects.
  • When he gets up after falling on the ground, for a few frames, he turns into Home-Run-Bat.
    • Similarly, when he is dodging backwards, in one of the jumping frames, his cap is replaced by Home-Run-Bat's hat.
  • Some of his voice clips in Combat Tournament were removed or cut so the cuss words present there were removed in Combat Tournament Legends.
    • This was done to to appeal to younger audiences.
  • His Jump voice clip is used for Himself, Double Range, Andre, Yoyo, and Mr. Red.
    • Similarly, his Hurt2 voice clip is used for Himself, Yoyo, Crazy Jay and Mr. Red.
  • His glove sprites are actually sprites of Master Hand and Crazy Hand (Master Hand's counterpart) in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, but they are a red-colored version of these sprites in Combat Tournament (Legends). There are even unedited versions of these red gloves in the files for the game(s) In some of his attacks, one of his gloves are colored and/or drawn differently to give a sense of depth that his gloves are in different positions.