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Mr. Green is the main antagonist of Shock by Terkoiz.


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Boss of ????
Dark Green
Can make numerous clones
Shock, Shock 2, Shock 3, Shock Tribute ,Shock More
Dead :C
first apperance
Mr.Green vs Mr.Orange 2002


He can summon clones as many clones in Shock 3 and he can clear out of dead stickmans to create the clones in Shock and Mr. Green is already dead in Shock More. Mr. Green clone can revive clones in Shock 3.


His ability is making clones of himself.The limit of the clones he can produce is unknown.He uses his clones for


combinations .It is shown in Shock 3 that punches don't effect clones.

He also has, what appears to be, superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability.

Fictional Biography


Here, Mr.Red made his debute by trying to apply for janitor at Mr.Green's facility. However, he had to fight a whole motherlode of guards to get to the boss man first.

Shock 2

Mr.Red must prove to Mr.Green that he is worthy of keeping the facility clean by defeating him in an all out brawl between the two immensly powerful abilities.

Shock 3

Mr.Red forgets it's employee check-up day (even though he is the only one really after killing all of Mr.Greens grunts) and must face Mr.Green in mortal combat with a few new twists for an old game.

Shock Tribute

A short animation from J. Camelo. It starts when Mr. Red wants a raise from his job and Mr. Green and they somehow started fighting. It is shown on the end that Mr. Red was actually fighting a clone of Mr. Green from the start of their fight.

Shock More

Mr. Red Goes to Mr. Greens Resort and infiltrates his base and defeats him.In the end it is said that Mr. Red used Mr. Greens Money to retire and had three children with Miss blue. Animation by David Borja.


  • He was killed by Mr. Red at Shock More.
  • He has a Resort shown in Shock More.
  • He has a painting of himself at shock tribute.