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Mike talking to Overseer Lolph.


Mike appears as a regular stickman with magic control and healing powers. He would do anything atleast possible for him for his family. He has a son and a wife called Mary and Marcus. He is also the brother of the Scientist Brother. In the Stickworld part 19, Mike was granted 3 options to decide how he will die. He chose petrify. This may be the end of Mike, but who knows?


"Am I...too late?!"- Mike when The One devastates The Stickworld and splits it in half

"Full Heal!"- Mike's "last words" in The Cliff 6 Part 2/2 Overseer Lolph VS The One

"It's magic!"- Mike in the Stickworld 4

"WHO will end my life and WHEN?!"- Mike in the Stickworld 16

"im not trying to cheat...(yes you are)" -his small quote


  • "No way! My place is with my family!"
  • "I'd say one is enough for now."
  • "6 x 3 is.... 5? 6 x 3 is.... 7? I don't know!"
  • "No....?"
  • "I don't get it."
  • "Learning magic was........... AMAZING!!!"