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MicWizard is a Wizard alt Mac, except that it is cooler. Not wearing a hat or beard and he can make more cool magic, wand magic wand. It has purple glow and dust that can do magic. MicWizard is a bad guy, although that appears in the hard rock gladiators that even magic can best do both Toro El Mago and Benjamin combined. He fought in the tournament Coliseum Benjamin Hard Rock but lost however.


MicWizard is relatively agile black stickman animated by Miccool. He can create magical smoke blasts from the end of his wand, adorned by a glowing, four pointed star at the tip. This sometimes leave an iconic streak pattern as he moves.


MicWizard is a powerful wizard, and close-combat fighter. Other than creating blasts, he can also summon a tank at will (affectionately called Mictank). These blasts are not only used as a weapon, but also a means of propelling himself away from danger. He possesses inhuman durability, surviving explosions and falls. He reach of his magic is very far.


Micwizard first appeared in demo named after the character himself, which is full of the repeating 'mic' motif. Micwizard breaks into miccastle and has a mic battle against mic boss. The video was uploaded to YouTube on August 19, 2010. Another video under the same motif was uploaded, but isn't related to this character.

He's also made cameos in Doors, and appeared in Rock Hard Coliseum as a competitor against Benjamin. Although he hasn't made as much appearances as other characters, Micwizard is still considered an iconic stickfigure, from the popularity of it's initial video, it's creator and other high quality animation, and his ties to other memorable animations.

Original Character: Miccool (Older)

Abilities: A cool sword thing;When flipped it turns into a cool gun thing instead. Trained in martial arts and samurai whateveryoucallits. + He has some giant swordgun ffs.

Weaknesses: Miccool is sometimes too lazy to animate a good part.

About: So one day Miccool thought it would be cool to get a neat weapon and go into RHG and SL Battleground.


Battles: None

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