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Maddness Combat

Madness Combat is a series of videos detailing the adventures of Hank and later, as a spin-off, the Maximum Ninja. The animation format (unlike other Stickpage animations) uses figures with oval heads with a cross for a face and semi oval bodies with disconnected hands and feet (these figures are known as the "Marshmellow Men"). The backgrounds and graphics tend to be black and white with some red accents. Exceptions such as the Tricky the Clown and Hank's Glasses.

Madness Combat Episodes

  • Madness Combat - The first movie ever to appear with the Madness title. In it, Hank kills 30 (32 if the zombies are counted) people after getting shoved by a man holding a boombox.
  • Redeemer - Hank tries to get revenge on the sheriff but gets shot by Jesus in the end. This was supposed to be the last Madness combat.
  • Avenger - Having received treatment for his damaged head, Hank returns to kill the Sheriff and succeeds, though he ends up dying from Jesus' Binary Sword and stabbing the savior at the same time.
  • Apotheosis - Now bandaged both on his head and torso, Hank crashes "Club M", only for Jesus to interrupt and, as usual, the two end up dead.
  • Depredation - Fully decked out in a trench coat and full-body bandages, Hank infiltrates an L337 facility and fights Jesus. However, Tricky compromises reality and kills them both.
  • Antipathy - Revived by the higher powers and in pursuit of Tricky, Hank goes on another massive killing spree until he accidentally turns Tricky into a flaming demon.
  • Consternation - Battered and nearly dead, Tricky revives Hank (and gives him a snazzy ninja suit) and attempts to continue torturing him. However, Hank escapes, a chase ensures, and Jesus finally impales Hank and kills Tricky.
  • Aggregation - Tricky, Jesus, and Hank are all dead. Sanford and Deimos are trying to revive him. The Auditor is trying to stop them. Just another day...
  • Interactive Game - A small, interactive Flash game created August 23, 2003.

Maximum Ninja Series

  • Maximum Ninja
  • Maximum Ninja 2
  • Maximum Ninja 3

Madness Combat Characters

  • Hank - The leading character. He first appears in episode with no real purpose, only to kill. His first look is basically a grunt. In the next 2 episodes he gets bandages on his head and torso.