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Kursura is a Stickpage Rock Hard Gladiator.


-A unique gunblade with extreme durability and fires high caliber pistol and shotgun rounds.

-He possesses almost unmatched dexterity. Technically he could evasive almost any attack. Can also dash and flash-step for lightning fast manoeuvres (finds the former much easier than the latter).

-Has the ability to use an unusual kind of energy in a variety of ways (detailed below). Mainly for energy attacks and enhancing his regular moves, (e.g. focusing power into his fists to enhance his punches).

-He has great stamina but can get temporarily out of breath if he over exerts himself.

-Can withstand impacts (dash related) and large falls, providing the landing was braced.

-Slightly faster than the norm at a sprint. Has the potential to go much faster through dashing.


-Kursura is the only person who can interact with the omnipresent energy. As a result he has no mentor or training in its usage, only what he has discovered himself.

This means he hasn’t mastered his ability in the same way other people can with wind or fire for example. He also lacks professional training and experience.

-His power is limited at the start of fight due to his base energy level being 0.

-Do to his low resilience and pain tolerance, he can't afford to leave large openings and doesn’t tend to take risks (for better and worse). He’s also rather lightweight and easily overpowered by strong opponents.

This also makes his physical strikes weaker than the high speed would suggest.

-He has low mobility when using energy and will usually be standing still while doing so. He will sometimes use air-time to get around this, but will loss aerial mobility instead when doing so.

His energy channelling is also very interruptible. And interrupted charge will get completely defused unless it was close to finishing.

-His excellent reaction time is mainly reliant on sight and is more down to reflex than thought. He's not fast in everything he does. His reflexes can be beaten in several ways like pressuring, knocking off balance, catching by surprise and very confined spaces.

-He must be partially braced in order to dash (e.g. can’t dash when lying flat on his back)


Kursura is a rather quiet and respectful type, he tends to observe rather than participate. Hard to anger, he’ll rarely have a bad thing to say about anyone and helps others when he can. As a quiet, shy individual he tends not to speak unless spoken too or questioned. His desire to get along and be friendly with people is undermined by his timid and apprehensive nature. When with friendly people or those he knows, he becomes more relaxed and laid back. He can be serious but not overly so and likes to keep an open mind about things.

In combat he is quite a versatile fighter, and has good knowledge with most weapons. His fighting style is normally defensive as he's cautious about leaving openings in his defence. He knows his weaknesses and tries to avoid risks. The rhg system allows for killed opponents to be revived, but he’ll still try and avoid killing if possible. He also won’t fight if the opponent doesn’t want too (not rhg related).


Classified, currently unknown. Only info is that he’s been with the rhg organisation for about 4 years and a member of the clan Nemesis for 2.



  • He is the second Kursura character, first was Lonyx