Kill Box is a very dangerous Box head and he is a psycho killer and he was arrested and taken to jail and he has a pretty good reputation so people stay away from him a lot because he's scary. He kills people with a pocket knife. Anyway his head is shaped like a box and the box is yellow but the rest of his body is black. He also has bright red eyes and always frowns. And he is so dangerous, in fact he never uses his pocket knife to kill unless necessary, he uses his hands. He doesn't even have a mouth so he can't talk so sometimes he can only make noises instead of talking so sometimes he has to use sign language to communicate with other stickman! And he can live with out eating but he would still be starving and be dehydrated though. And he doesn't have lungs so he had asthma meaning he has a hard time breathing. But anyway he makes his first appearance in the future Stickpagegame Fighter's Rampage Lengend's The Game! and his fatality is very brutal and dangerous where he grabs the head of his opponent then squeezes it and then the head explodes and blood is all over the floor.

Kill Box

Kill Boxes appearance