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Stop crying, you don't even use arms.
— Jomm dismembering Kickman's arm

Jomm is a jolly cool hipster Rock Hard Gladiator from the Fluidanims era. He is highly respected as a stick fighter for his skill in combat. His fighting style is similar to that of Alfa, except he wields a giant mother%*@^^% sword. "His sword is the same length as his body, it is very heavy, sharp, and the long blade is good for hiding behind as a defense as well as slicing through tough objects like butter". Jomm has also modified his sword with a high pressure air cannon in the blade. He uses it for exploding impaled objects or people. "He doesn't like quick people that can maneuver around his large sword, its air pressure is not infinite, it has to recharge and only releases in short bursts".

Jomm was once a member in a former clan called SOLDIER. "He has spent lots of time laying low and polishing his sword". Eventually he grasped his sword and was able to wield its heaviness easily. "This badass has great pride and will take on anyone who dares to belittle the SOLDIER name".