Joe Rombie (or Joe Zombie) is a zombified clone of a stickman that made his debut in the "Joe Zombie" series. He displayed excessively violent behavior and due to such, escaped MortoGen, the place in which he was cloned. He was killed, yet then became undead, now becoming immensely more powerful then before. He makes an appearance in TopStick, lasting for a while, but in the end he doesn't win and he thought of Mad Faise as a stickman with a huge brain because he appeared huge in the tournament, so he tried to eliminate Mad Faise due to his zombie behavior but before he could they both got caught in a huge explosion created by Andre/Andre Jr. and his dad Andre the Giant/Andre Sr, causing them both to become eliminated. He is a well known character, this being shown by the fact that the first episode alone has over 1M+ views on the animation site Newgrounds.