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I'm just going to tell you this for now... PREPARE FOR WAR
— Jade to clan members

Jade is a dark-pink Rock hard Gladiator with long violet purple hair and light green eyes. She wields old relic fans imbued with fiery powers and is also the central leader of a clan called Nemesis. She is very well known and respected in the stick figure community.

Background Story

As a child, Jade was very close to her family, honoured to protect the ancient fans passed down from generation to generation. Knowing how rare and powerful the fans are, bandits desire to hunt and find the fans. Lead by three unknown men, their group of bandits manages to see the fan's location, destroying Jade's home and killing her father in the process. Jade's mother manages to help Jade and her younger sister escape out of their burning village and into a nearby river. She gave the fans to Jade and told her to flee with them.  

As they said their last goodbyes, the three bandit leaders spotted Jade and her remaining family. Without any hesitation, Jade's mother and younger sister fled. As Jade was drifted down the rivers stream in a canoe, a bandit jumped in and attacked her in the canoe. Trying to defend herself she used the fans for the first time, the fans blazed out their mystical fire powers and blasted the bandit out of the canoe. After her escape and the discovery of the fans' power, she vows to have her revenge on the three bandits who ruined her life. 

During her travels, she met Vlak, an RHG gunner. Generously, Vlak gave his time to train Jade. Several years had passed, making Jade a now skilful and trained warrior. She then heard rumours about an RHG described very similar to her attacker, and she then decided to officially join the RHG tournament in search of her father's killers.

About (Fans) (2)

The fans were from generation to generation and the legend of this Fans said that the first daughter of the royal family has the duty to learn to handling the fans to defend her family and her people. But, one day a group of bandits attacked her village to steal her fans, Jade's parents try to stop them but they weren't normal people, 3 of them had different powers, and used them they kill Jade's parents, luckily Jade's mother hid her daughter before the bandits found her. Jade flees and a few days later she discover the powers of the fans. After a few years Jade finally found the location of one of the 3 guys who murdered her parents and destroyed her village and that location is in the RHG.


About (3)

The fans were passed from generation to generation, no one knows how old these weapons are, for what the elders know about, they're at least a thousand years old. They have really special abilities, first of all they can create energy, and release it in a blast/pulse of fire. The legend says that within these weapons, there's is a goddess. Back in the day when barbarians and thieves were an everyday issue across the entire country a priestess begged to her goddess to save her people from slaughter. The deity responded and decided to help the faithful woman. The elders say that the powerful being turned into the fans and lend the priestess her power to save those who she loved. The fans were much more powerful than the barbarians thought, and backed away in a few days. The priestess pure intentions convinced the goddess to stay inside the blades in order to prevent another tragedy to happen in the future making them undestructible, the woman was made the Queen of that village and watched after the weapons increasing even more her bond with the goddess. In that moment a pact was made, the first daughter of the royal family has the duty to learn to use and manipulate the fans to defend her family and her people, and only them can activate the deity's powers.. but, with such powerful weapons there's no doubt that someone's gonna want their hands on it. One day, at the age of 8; her village got attacked by an army, lead by 3 men, all of them had special powers, they went to her village with the objective of steal her fans no matter what.

They destroyed everything they found, when they killed every guard, they get into Jade's house, she lived with her parents and her little sister. Her dad told to his wife and daughters to run away while he tried to stop them, (he was very good with the katana) Jade's mother took the fans and run away with her daughters, a few minutes passed, and Jade's father couldn't resist against these three pwoerful enemies... he got killed by them.

Jade, her mother and sister got to a river, her mother gave her the fans, and told Jade: "Don't be afraid sweetheart, me and your sister will be fine, run as away as possible with these weapons, and don't let anyone but you to to manipulate them, please promise me that". Jade nodded, her mom put her into a canoe and pulled her into the river, her mom and sister ran into the forest, in that moment the three guys showed up, they followed Jade's mother and sister, while they were chasing them, one of them noticed the canoe where Jade was, this guy told to the others to keep follow them, and he'll take Jade. But... when he got near to Jade's canoe, he jumped to try to get her, in that moment jade took the fans and shake them trying to defend herself, these fans released an incredible amount of fire, that blow away the bad guy.

Jade escaped, but she doesn't know what happened to her mom and sister, she hopes to find them alive sometime, after this incident, she began her training, she found a guy named Vlak, that was a really skilled man with his pistol and knife, he helped her inti her training and after several years of hard training she learnt how to use the fans perfectly. Now, she was decided to find the guys who attacked their village and take revenge, she'll use any means necessary to get this done.

After some research she discovered that one of the guys who attacked her village, joined a thing called RHG. At the age of 16 she joined the RHG too, with the objective of find this guy, take the necessary information from him, and take revenge.

One year passed (17 years), she was planning to do this alone, but in her way, she found some very good friends, who were willing to help her, after a few months, she founded the clan NEMESIS, in honor to the goddess of revenge.

In a recent battle with some thieves, who attacked her clan, she realized that her fans can turn into a double-edged spear, this spear has the same powers as the fans, with the difference that it doesn't need to hit something to release energy.

Nowadays, she still looking for the guys who ruined her childhood, but she's also looking for her mother and sister, with the help of her friends it'll be easier to get her goals.


  • Fans - metal fans can hurt enemies (sources of the flame).
  • The Spear - is one of the sources of the flame.
  • Fire magic - with the help of it, she can easily set fire to the enemy.


Weapon dependant, though she won't let her weapons go easily. As a last resource her weapons may give her a huge amount of strenght and speed for as long as she can hold it, however after it's use, she'll be exhausted for a while leaving her exposed to easy attacks.



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