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Jack from Swat

Jack, or his full name Jack Sparks, is a character who debuted from the game series, S.W.A.T. He can be somewhat considered the second mascot of stickpage. The reason for this is because he makes an appearance in Stickpage game's loading screens.


He is a black stick figure with bloodshot eyes, a riot helmet, and wields an SMG. He mostly has an angry demeanor. Out of the other characters in S.W.A.T., he is the only swat member with a mouth.


  • S.W.A.T series
  • Fighter Rampage
  • Super Fighter Rampage


In the S.W.A.T series, he can shoot bullets and knock out syringes and throw grenades. In Fighter Rampage and Super Fighter Rampage, along with his two actions minus the syringe, he can pull out a Spas 12 shotgun for his special move and can pull out a BullPup rifle as a finisher.