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Ichimaruu is a stickman of the Rock hard Gladiators inspired by Anime Bleach. He is a tall red stickman with blue scarf, and a member of the RHG clan, Zetabrand.


- Bankai

- Spiritual Magic

- Double ended bardiche - one end for slicin' one end for stabbin', this bardiche formed from pure adrenaline.

- Mask - possesses spiritual power


Ichimaruu was born to a family of fighters who fought for justice, at 17 years of age he was cast out by his family for killing 70 innocents. Ichimaruu is a ruthless fighter, the thrill of fighting is the only happiness he has in his life, he enjoys toying with his prey even after they are dead and enjoys the feeling of pain. His mask represents Death.


If his weapon is lost, he is extremely vulnerable, whilst he is a good hand-to-hand fighter, his skills are immensely worse than his skills with a bardiche. His Mask can be easily broken.

Ichimaruu with his Bardiche


vs Plastic Oblivion - Win

Ichimaruu with his Bankai

vs Indestructible Dave - Win (Tournament)

vs Benjamin - Lose (Default)

vs The Unknown - Lose (Tournament)


"But you need to stop watching so much bleach....."