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Hyun's dojo animation community (HD)


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search for a new place for his fellow RHG to go to after Fluidanims shut down.

At the end of 2012 he founded is own Stick figure community, called Hyun's Dojo.

Along with his friends from FA, FLLFFL, Jomm, Chuck, Wrench and MicWizard he created a new home for RHGs and invited everyone.

Hyun's dojo animation community

Dojo Collabs: 1 and 2

Afer the intervention of Hyun's Dojo, many RHGs left stickpage, becuase it was said that HD reminded them of Fluidanims and was less harsh and judgmental, and freedom and fairer rules and mods were implemented. p.s Fluidanims RHG members were there

Hyuns dojo logo.jpg

The dojo logo: