Hold The Line

inorder to survive you must hold the line dont drop it or let it touch you as soon as it falls just grab it!

Hold the line is a defend your base type of game. Hold off against band os marauding stick people who would love nothing more than to make you suffer a horrible death


WASD / Arrow Keys - move
Click - Fire
Spacebar - Berserker mode


You play as Yuken (red alternative to crazy jay) (at least I think that that guy is......) who is getting attacked by an angry mob od marauding stickpeople while hiding behind a wall of sandbags. Use your gun to plug them and make them think twice before they mess eith you!


  • Knife people - people who weild knives and attempt to stab your fort
  • Gunman - people who use guns to blast your fort once they are in range
  • Cow - Somewhat cow - like figures who attempt to ram your fort apart
  • Sheildsman - Men who use sheilds to block your fire and fire guns when they are in range
  • Tanks - Large veichles of mass destrucktion whom fire at you until they explode or until you fall
  • Sucicide bombers - stickpeople with guns attached to them who attampt to blow your fort apart
  • Glider - Paper airplanes carrying suicide bombers until they are in range to drop them on your fort.
  • Helicopters - Planes manned by stick people who fire endlessly at you


  • Chaingun - your basic weapon
  • Nail gun - Puts a nail in someone's head (makes them think twice before attacking)
  • Rifle - who has time for automatic anmore? For killing sprees, you need something a little mote automatic
  • Harpoon - It's good enough for whales ad stick people. Passes clean through
  • Minigun (AKA lag cannon) - Can only be weilded by experianced killer (or computers)
  • Death Ray - Does exactly what you think it does!
  • Sattelite Attack Remote Thingy - Fires a large laser form space oblitering everything on the field