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Henry Stickmin (Henry Stickman) is a stick figure, the main protagonist, from the web- game series "Henry Stickmin" His first appearance was in the first "Henry Stickmin" game, Breaking the Bank. Henry is a recognized criminal, as he is perused by a special agent (Stealing the Diamond), recruited by the government to take down the infamous "Top Hat Gang" (Infiltrating the Airship), thrown in a max security prison (Fleeing the Complex), breaking out of prison several times (Escaping the Prison), and stealing precious objects (mostly rubies or diamonds) and robbing on several occasions.

Henry Stickmin is also very clumsy though, he's a terrible guns man, and manages to mess up almost everything he does (like spilling acid on his legs on accident).


Henry Stickmin is part of the video game series "Henry Stickmin" and has appeared in all the games.

Game 1: Breaking the Bank

Henry stickmin breaks into a bank with the intention of stealing all their money.

Game 2: Escaping the Prison

After being thrown in prison for breaking into a bank, Henry Stickman attempts to break out, or escape.

Game 3: Stealing the Diamond

A bored Henry Stickmin attempts to rob a museum for a precious, priceless diamond.

Game 4: Infiltrating the Airship

Noticed by the government for his stealing and criminal skills, Henry Stickman is recruited to infiltrate an airship owned by the infamous "Top Hat Clan" and take them out. There are multiple endings, but one includes Henry becoming the Top Hat Clan's leader, or partnering with them. This is important later on in the next game.

Game 5: Fleeing the Complex

Henry Stickmin is captured and thrown in a maximum security prison (Complex) where he tries to escape, whether with help, or alone.

Game 6: Completing The Mission

Info Will Be Added When Completing The Mission Is Released.

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