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Gyro was a RHG created by JanRavnik. He is a light blue stick man. He has fought in The Demon War and a clan war.


Gyro was originally created as an idea of a super soldier that would follow commands without hesitation. The experiment backfired when an error occurred in the final stages of scripting of his "brain" program. Gyro originally meaning G.R.O - Genetically Reproduced Organism. He names himself Gyro with a Y so that the name makes more sense. Ever since he's been hunted down by the same organisation, trying to retrieve him and rewrite him, since they were unable to recreate the experiment, due to the programming codes being lost during Gyro's rampage after the incident. He's joined the organisation called Nemesis in order to blend in within the RHG system and to seek support from other, stronger fighters. The organisation that's hunting him down is a sister organisation with the so called "Umbrella Division", the organisation that created an agent that goes by the codename "Umbrella". Due to this day he hasn't been tracked down......yet.


Lightning Sword

He wields a sword that can conduct electricity.

He also has superhuman speed and intelligence.


Ravnik vs Hazza - WIN (360 grades)

Kate vs Red - WIN (360 grades)

Tayuya vs Peta - WIN (360 grades)

Yang vs Bazer (Cancelled) (360 grades)

Gyro vs. Ada - WIN (CLAN WAR)


vs ??? (Tournament)

vs Harry vs Juler