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Gildedguy is a stick figure, whose invariable attributes are shiny gilded armor and a red cape. His weapon is a red extending sword. In Story 5 GG becomes a Duelist.


With Armor

Gildedguy wears a European, medieval knight-styled suit of armor that is gilded with gold. He also wears a red cape that extends towards his ankles. As for his facial appearance, only two white eyes with green outlines are visible.

Without Armor

Gildedguy appears to have a dark grey skin color. His pupils are also visible.


Story #0: Gildedguy Gets Up

A young Gildedguy looks up onto a mural on the wall with paths that appears to mean different occupations and their connections. Gildedguy checks to see if it relates to the drawings that he created. Unfortunately, neither of those occupations matched to Gildedguy's interests.

Eventually he picked up a fireplace poker and attempts to stir the fireplace's coals back up, before swinging around the poker.

3 years later, Gildedguy works as a painter along with other colleagues under the management of his father.

Gildedguy wants to paint and become and artist as a passion rather than working tirelessly constantly.

Despite having multiple possible opportunities Gildedguy can have with so much money, he does not want it thinking that it would leave him soulless.

When Gildedguy ran towards his father on a pathway of, he got the glowing green paint in his eyes.

Key figures:

  • A necklace with a green stick figure that appears to be running away.
  • The Green Star
  • Gold/Money
  • Light revealing from a crack in the wooden planks.
  • Gildedguy's father.

Story #1: Gildedguy vs. Fry

After Story #0, Gildedguy finds himself in a town and enters Fry's restaurant. Displeased with the food, GG attacks Fry, starting a fight.

Seeing how dangerous Fry's pan is, GGputs down his sword and quickly disarms Fry, causing heavy damage on GG's armor in the process.

Story #2: Gildedguy vs. Jade

Gildedguy arrives to the Clan Nemisis open gallery walk after being invited by Jade and finds Fry at a snack table. Once Fry walks off, GG quickly shovels treats into his armor and face. During this, GG is confronted by Jade, and continues to get into a battle.

After a heavy beating, GG distracts Jade by destroying various structures and items in the gallery walk before acquiring his sword from a weapon check station. GG then winds up his attack, extending his blade and smashing his sword into Jade's jaw, briefly knocking her out.

GG, after gifting his left gauntlet as an apology to Jade, is then escorted out of the building. He's given a treat bag, and is then chased by various Nemisis members, including Jade.

Story #3: Basement Busk

Due the aftermath of Story #2, Gildedguy is in need of money to repair his armor. He decides to go to the Basement Busk where he is ushered onto the stage with a red stick-figure girl named Penny already performing. After watching her performance, GG attempts to perform, however flops.

After some encouragement, GG performs a duet alongside Penny, earning lots of money while enjoying himself. GG then leaves the Basement Bunk and performs for Lilian (Gildedguy's young admirer).

Story #4: Gildedguy vs. Bog

Story #5: Gildedguy And The Green-Eyed Cowboy

Story #6: Gildedguy vs. Oxob

Gildedguy, a semi entertainer, knight and retired painter, lives on the outskirts of what seems to be a large plain next to a mountain. There he makes artworks and illustrations as well as occasionally entertaining Lilian. Gildedguy was originally Stick Michael, one of the Slush Fighters. Their status are not confirmed, however, GG still retains his painted stylus.

Gildedguy's green stylus is considered to have special powers other than just glowing and drawing lines in the air. GG has a special connection to a green star in the space which is yet not explained.

Unlike some people think, Gildedguy's armor isn't made of gold, it's just gilded with gold. He is the one who repairs his armor after every battle. To keep it shiny GG melts coins with his magic stylus and covers all cracks with liquid gold.

While being mentally strong when battling Bog - such a powerful entity, Gildedguy seems to be vulnerable to his envy.

Abilities And Weapons

Abilities and Skills

  • Enhanced Status: Being a stronger version of a Slushers, I.e. Stick Michael, he gains Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Speed and Enhanced Resistance, along with his Mental Resilience. His Enhancements were truly put to the test in his fight against Bog, the parasitic slime entity. He also has some special perception, which was shone when he figured out that Bog is weak to heat.
    • Enhanced Speed: TBA
    • Enhanced Agility: TBA
    • Enhanced Resistance: TBA
    • Mental Resilience: In Story #4, he was able to resist against Bog's abilities that would normally result in severe mental illness or death. However, a fragment of Bog's mind got trapped inside Gildedguy's red sword.
  • Battle Continuation: Throughout all his battles, he always seems to have some form of additional power whenever he is losing, I.e. His win against Jade.
  • Reforge: Utilizing his painted stylus, he can reforge parts of his armor, and by extension, his mind. He shows this ability in both Story 3 and Story 4.
  • Painting: Gildedguy is extremely proficient at painting shown at Story #0.


  • Sword: Uses his red sword in duels to fight opponents.
  • Pen: Uses his pen in duels sometimes, although, he has never hurt anyone with it.


Speedbatle vs Fry - Won

vs Jade - Won

vs Bog - Win

vs Oxob - Draw


  • On July 23, 2021, Fortnite: Battle Royale added a Gildedguy skin.
  • Gildedguy is an unofficial RHG member.
  • Gildedguy has never spoken before.
  • Gildedguy has never lost a fight before.
  • Story #0 is the first Gildedguy story .
  • Story #1 was only a speedbattle.
  • Story #1 is the only Gildedguy story to include a blank background.
  • Story #1 is the only Gildedguy story to not include the Green Star.
  • Story #3 is the only Gildedguy story where he fights no one.

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