Gildedguy is a Duelist and unofficial RHG wearing gilded suited-armor and a red cape. In Story 5 he became a Duelist.

Gildedguy, a semi entertainer, knight and retired painter, lives on the outskirts of what seems to be a large plain next to a mountain. There, he makes artworks and illustrations as well as occasionally entertaining Lilian (a kid who is a fan of GG). His Enhanced Abilities comes from his power as a slush fighter. He was originally Stick Michael, one of the Slush Fighters. Their status are not confirmed as of now, however, GG still retains his painted stylus.

Unlike some people think, Gildedguy's armor isn't made of gold, it's just gilded with gold. He is the one who repairs his armor after every battle. To keep it shiny GG melts coins with his magic stylus and covers all cracks with liquid gold.

While being mentally strong when battling Bog - such a powerful entity, Gildedguy seems to be vulnerable to his envy.


  • Enhanced Status: Being a stronger version of a Slushers, I.e. Stick Michael, he gains Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Speed and Enhanced Resistance, along with his Mental Resilience. His Enhancements were truly put to the test in his fight against Bog, the parasitic slime entity. He also has some special perception, which was shone when he figured out that Bog is weak to heat.
  • Battle Continuation: Throughout all his battles, he always seems to have some form of additional power whenever he is losing, I.e. His win against Jade.
  • Reforge: Utilizing his painted stylus, he can reforge parts of his armor, and by extension, his mind. He shows this ability in both Story 3 and Story 4.


vs Fry - Won

vs Jade - NO CONTEST

vs Bog - Won

vs Oxob - WIP

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