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Gel is a orange stickman Rock hard Gladiator. He is made out of orange Gel. He is really dangerous and he can use as an advantage against an opponent as he controls it. He is also very fast and speedy! And with his sharp blade there is no doubt that he does belong in the RHG.


First appeared in combat as an opponent of FLLFFL. He is angry because of the death of his friend Benman (Old Zee Character). The fight was short-lived, as Gel does not have any special physical strength or abilities. After FLLFFL cut off the floor of his torso and pierced his head, Gel was still conscious and promised that he would come back.


  • Regeneration and Near Immortality - It seems that Gel's only abilities are his near-immortality and slightly enhanced regeneration.
  • Orange slimes - He can throw at enemy