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Molto bene

(Cookin ASS!)

Gender: Male

Age: 17



Fry is a fighter with advance fighting and culinary styles willing to fight.

He has no super powers or magic, but he has all the power he needs with his Frying pan.

It's not just any Frying pan, it's powered with fire and explosives...Cool huh?

When Fry gets angry, he fights fast.

He has 2 slits on his right eyebrow.

His traits are Devotion, Strong, and Wild


-Clan Member-

[ Dominators ]


(His biggest weakness)

Losing his frying pan. Without it, he's pretty much screwed...

-Physical attacks

-Ranged attacks (he's not that quick enough)

-Magic attacks

-Super powered attacks

-Heavy impact


Fire / Explosive Powered Frying Pan

Burns on contact(Fire mode)

(Spinning power only used in heated mode)

(Also used for long-rnge (if needed))


(Really random)

It all started when our (former porn) star, Fry, woke up in a secret vineyard.

It was the eighth time it had happened.

Feeling abundantly puzzled, Fry punched a grape, thinking it would make him feel better (but as usual, it did not).

Before anyone could take off their pants, he realized that his beloved frying pan was missing! Immediately he called his former cellmate, Chef.

Fry had known Chef for (plus or minus) 11,000 years, the majority of which were exotic ones.

Chef was unique. He was intelligent though sometimes a little... dimwitted. Fry called him anyway, for the situation was urgent.

All bullshit aside...

Then He got in His curb-jumping ghetto sled (Impala) and blasted away with the fortitude of 200,000 devil cats running from a bloated pack of the cheese pizza.

Fry licked his palm with joy when he saw this. His frying pan was safe.

It was a good thing, too, because in ten minutes his favorite TV show, Family Matters, was going to come on (followed immediately by 'When legless puppies meet contraceptive'). Fry was elated.

And so, everyone except Chef and a few gun-toting South American hissing sloths lived blissfully happy, forever after.


vs Zack - Win

vs TG. 108 - Lost (Poll)

vs Lars - Win

vs Gildedguy - Lost