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FoxnQ was member of Zetabrand, but then transfered to NEMESIS and a Rock Hard Gladiator from Fluidanims.


Fox has the ability to Flash-Step; Flash-Step (FS) is a form of teleportation, but in short distances. He can also enter SF (single-framed) mode in which his movements are all single-framed making him move much faster than his opponent. Q on the other hand can transform into anything he wants, whether its a stick figure or a rocket-ship. He can also seek refuge inside of Fox's body.


Although FS sounds good there are some flaws to the ability. (1) Fox cannot FS through any solid object, he can FS around it, but not through. (2) If he FSs in succession one right after the other he gets light-headed and is vulnerable to attack. indestructible. He cannot be killed, vaporized, or destroyed in anyway, but if he is hit continuously without stopping he can be knocked unconscious.


Fox was part of an international space program who sold planets on what you would call the black market. Their job is to infiltrate a planet, destroy all inhabitants then sell the planet to the highest bidder. One mission they went to this planet called "Que", it was known for its furocious creatures. As the team progressed into the planet's depths, they were ambushed by a clan of black creatures. Fox's team was quickly wiped out, he barely escaped with his life. Stranded, and slowly dying, Fox managed to live for a while, until one day he came across a black creature. It saw his pain, and being a sentimental creature, helped him live. They soon became friends and Fox gained the ability to Flash-Step thanks to the toxic air mutating his cells. He returned to Earth with 'Q' (Or so he named the creature) and since his life was "ruined" or "abnormal" he started from the bottom. He joined a fight club and soon traveled to world fighting and winning. One match he was close to losing, until Q stepped in and helped Fox win. Since Fox "cheated" he was disqualified from the group - that was where Nhazul of ZetaBrand found him. "I like your fighting style," Nhazul said "You ever use it against real competition?" "What do you mean?" "I mean RHG..." and that's how Fox became a member of ZetaBrand and joined the RHG system.

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Kidkei's first character was Kei, the second was XF and the fourth was Hakumen.