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Faziri 2015.png

Black or Grey #1E1E1E
Sniper rifle, axe, poison rose, chain blade
hypnosis, magic, poison, assassin
Formal state
Unique, Original character (RHG)
regularshow220 (Lim Mei Fong)

Faziri is an original character created by Regularshow220

Faziri was born a long time ago in a haunted house. She was 3 years old when her perants died. They protected her with a magic circle and it has been with her till date. She was really sad, but her older brother Fazara was there to watch over her. He then died a few years later while fighting a monster. Faziri was still a teenager, and was really angry, causing dark magic to control her. She became fascinated with blood, poison and fire and became a witch. Her magic allows her to remain young and sexy, she also has the ability to change in to any outfit she wants.

She later met an RHG called Red blade, who she fell in love with. He was different, funny and protective towards her, and he wasn't intimidated but her abilities. well, Faziri is both good and bad, meaning, she is a good person as long as there is love in her life, but because of the troubles of a dark past, she sometimes slips away into her darker side, but she is nice as long as you are nice and she just wants to fit in along with everyone else, she is some times seems hanging out with the Crysis. But she made a promise to never use her powers on good people. Faziri also likes red wine, and can summon a chain blade or an axe to fight with in combat.