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I'm Done Killing
— Alpha to Ð's incites

FLLFFL (Alfa), is an original Rock Hard Gladiator created by Terkoiz. FLLFFL held first place in the RHG tournament, back in the Fluidanims Era and thats how he got nicked -named as Alfa. Alfa is a Tall, late-middle age, lime-greenish stick figure. He is always seen with his "Jet Sword". Alfa has been known to be dependent on his specialized sword and has no super human ablities but he uses the blue flame as an evasive and offensive catalyst. This top notch RHG is all about precision and skill, and has obviously mastered the arts of ninjutsu. Recent encounters with Pulse has resulted in him lossing his right arm,  FLL vs PULSE.  It is replaced with a gray bionic arm. How ever, Alfa is still an elite swordsman and a master ninja and shows much skill in battle.