Drunken Stick is a famous flash animation by Hyun, in which Drunken Stick was one of his first movies.


The movie starts out when our main character sitting near a table in a field on a beautiful day. He, while sipping a few bottles of his nearby alcohol, compliments on how great the day is, until a band of blue bandits appear, demanding him his money so they would possibly spare him. Our hero starts to battle these cobalt criminals, but is eventually downed. The blues, thinking they won, see how our hero begins to get up for another attack. Instead, he starts chugging several bottles of his beer until he is completely wasted and passes out.

The leader of the blue pushes one of his men to check his pulse, a particually immature minion. The minion, confirming he his deceased, starts to teabag the protagonist's "dead" body, but the man suddenly arises and rips the minion's testicles off, making an awkward scene as everyone stares as the minion scream loudly in crippling pain. Our hero then declears a round 2, drunken style, and beats the group of blues in a slurred, drunk fashion. Everyone, drunk, crippled, and barely conscious, lays in the grass. The manhood stripped minion from before questions for his balls back, stating he needs them for a date, making everything seem awkward again. The scene blacks out, with one blue calling the wounded minion a "fag".