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Druncho is a gray stickman with a scythe Rock Hard Gladiator created by Armorstick on FluidAnims. He is a member of Clan STYLE.


In Oxob animation

He was a great Ninja. First he had a Sword, but then he fought vs a Warlock. He won the Fight and The Warlock gave him the Scythe. He said, that he gave the Scythe special powers. Druncho take this Scythe because he found that the Scythe is great and awesome. He trained hard with the Scythe. Now he want to fight in Rhg Battles.He learn the Power Air Strike and have now a new Scythe. The Warlock gave him a drank. He wanted that Druncho can shoot Fire...But the drank had problems... Druncho don't made normal Fire...he made purple Fire.

Abilities and Weapons

  • Scythe - A Scythe with which Druncho reaps his enemys.
  • Wind Manipulation - Manipulation of the wind to throw away enemies and objects.
  • Purple fire - He can shoot purple fire from his hands and feets


Explosions,Strong Attacks




His first character was Trinit, and his last character was Yurnero.

Yurnero vs Frank - WIN (Poll)